Will we have Double Cross Season 4 in 2023?

Double Cross Season 4 is set to premiere on February 16th, 2023, as ALLBLK announced the release date of the fourth season on Facebook, along with an official trailer captioned: “Cross them if you dare!”

At the moment, the show Double Cross Season 4 is the focus of discussion due to the tremendous success of the earlier season, and the trailer of the fourth season has left admirers yearning for the show to be released. This article will delve deeper into all of the details of the show.

What To Expect In Double Cross Season 4?

Double Cross Season 4 contains scenes that will make you sit on the edge of your seat! The Cross siblings, aka the “Wonder Twins, “go through an ordeal. The trailer begins with heart-pounding news that Eric Cross is dead, followed by his twin sister, Erica Cross’s emotional dialogue, ‘We came into this world together; we’re going to leave together.’

Will we have Double Cross Season 4 in 2023
Will we have Double Cross Season 4 in 2023

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  • It’s double the trouble: As the proverb goes, “the past pursues us,” the Cross kin keep on managing the occasions of a year ago. Eric Cross’s life is in danger, Erica finds the truth about the individual she adores, and Robin is confronting detainment. The hope appears to be wilting for the Cross family.
  • Triple the Threat: This thrilling crime series portrays a captivating chase against the clock as Erica endeavors to keep sibling solidarity in their mission to take down child traffickers. The stakes are raised higher than ever! Siblings tackle the criminal elites in a battle.
  • Family First: The final scene in the trailer of Double Cross Season 4 shows Erica and Eric meeting a woman dressed in a white suit, leading fans to speculate that she could be their mother. Tension and suspense are building in the season as the backdrop of the trailer warn, “you don’t want no trouble.”

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Double Cross Season 4 is the ultimate crime thriller! Brian and Tiffany flirted with danger, and Detective Ryan came close to uncovering the mastermind behind the human trafficking – but not without a hefty cost.

Double Cross Season 4 Cast

The ALLBLK show’s main cast includes an exciting line-up of actors, many of whom have appeared in popular films. Following are the main characters of Double Cross Season 4 :

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  1. Eric Cross is a renowned hustler from “The Heights.” He is as intelligent as his sister, Erica. Jeff Logan, known for the Cardi B “Press” music video, plays him.
  2. Erica Cross is an experienced doctor with a legal background. She appears prim and proper on the outside but can commit the same wrongdoings as her twin brother Eric. Ashley A Williams is the actor who portrays this role.
  3. Robin Cross is the sister of Eric and Erica, and she is the head of the sex trafficking group they were targeting. Judi Johnson plays the role.
  4. Nurse Brian, who works at the same hospital as Erica, takes advantage of the situation to make a move, as he has a crush on her. Faith Malonte portrays this character.
  5. Gi is Eric’s neighbor, a forensic technician, who later becomes his romantic partner. Erica Kane Burton played this character spectacularly!

Other characters, such as Nurse Rachel, were played by Lisa Renee. The role of Doctor Clinton was played by Tremayne Norris, while Mandy, the human representative, was played by Samaira Baraki. Double Cross Season 4 has a stellar cast!

Double Cross Season 4 Trailer

When the urban movie channel ALLBLK dropped the trailer for Double Cross Season 4, fans were over the moon with excitement!

An impatient fan replied to Jeff Logan’s tweet, “I can’t wait!!! This is my show.🤩🙌🏾” Others demanded on Instagram, “We need more than six episodes this time.”

Get your popcorn ready! Double Cross Season 4 is premiering on February 16th, 2023.



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