Where and When to Watch American Auto Season 2

American Auto Season 2, from NBC, is back to win the viewers’ hearts. This workplace comedy is the new flagship show of NBC. The series’ first Season debuted on December 13, 2021, and it soon became trendy. It earned a renewal in May 2022, and now Watch American Auto Season 2 is available for streaming. Where to watch Watch American Auto Season 2, keep reading. We have covered all the news for watching American Auto Season 2. However, before that, let us look at its release date. 

Where and When to Watch American Auto Season 2
Where and When to Watch American Auto Season 2

American Auto Season 2: Release Date 

American Auto Season 2 is already out. The second Season premiered on NBC on Tuesday, January 4, 2023 (Tuesday) at 8:30 ET/PM. It belongs to the comedy niche of the channel. Fresh episodes will air weekly. Now that we know American Auto Season 2 let us see where you can Watch American Auto Season 2. 

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Where To Watch American Auto Season 2?

Of course, you can Watch American Auto Season 2 on NBC as it is its flagship show. However, there are many other options to Watch American Auto Season 2. If you do not have cable, consider the following streaming services to Watch American Auto Season 2:

  • fuboTV 
  • Peacock TV Hulu with Live TV
  • Sling TV 
  • YouTube TV
  • DirecTV Stream 

All the above streaming services offer their viewers a free trial. Therefore, consider going through the trial period before buying the subscription. The second series season will house 13 episodes in total, with a runtime of 21 minutes. 

Furthermore, viewers from the UK can Watch American Auto Season 2 on Sky Go and NOW streaming services. 

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A Sling TV subscription will cost you $40/per month. Currently, it offers 50% off in the first month of its service. Fubo TV, available for US residents, has a starting price of $64/99/month and offers a 7-day free trial. If you want to watch Watch American Auto Season 2 on YouTube TV, you can start the subscription at $54.99 for the first three months. 

If you want to lay your hands on all the free episodes of American Auto Season 2, you should consider buying a subscription plan of the options mentioned above. However, if you want to wait for all 13 episodes to be out so you can binge-watch, you can subscribe to a trial period and binge-watch the show during that time frame. 

American Auto Season 2: Plot 

If you still need clarification about watching American Auto Season 2, here is the second Season’s plot. The series revolves around Katherine Hastings, the new CEO of Payne Motors in Detroit. The industrial revolution has taken the automotive industry by storm, stressing Katherine. It is because she needs to gain knowledge regarding vehicle dynamics! 

The previous Season ended with Katherine’s humiliation on the stage. In the second Season, we expect damage control for the same. In the first episode, Katherine invited Ian, a crisis manager, to fight the negative publicity of the company. Later, Ian and Sadie work together to improve Katherie’s image after the pawl controversy with the help of staging a phony video of her family. 

Cast Of The Second Season 

Following are the casts of American Auto Season 2:

  • Ana Gasteyer as Katherine Hastings 
  • Harriet Dyer as Sadie Ryan 
  • Jon Barinholtz as Wesley Payne 
  • Humphrey Ker as Elliot 
  • Michael B. Washington as Cyrus Knight 
  • Tye White as Jack Fortin 
  • X Mayo as Dori 

We also expect numerous guest stars to make appearances in the current Season. However, the only confirmed name based on the trailer is Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family.

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