Did You Know That Oregon Colleges Are Ranked Among the Safest?

If you have a son or daughter who is getting ready to go off to college, whether or not they are planning on living on campus, you will have a lot of schools to choose from, and a lot of details to sort through. But, beyond looking into the programs that are available at a college and the quality of education that the school can provide, it is also worth checking their crime rate. After all, you want your child to be safe while at school, both in the classroom and on campus.

What are some of the safest colleges in the country? Well, it turns out that some of them are located in Oregon. Continue reading for a list of schools in Oregon that rank quite high when it comes to their ability to provide students with a safe campus.

Did You Know That Oregon Colleges Are Ranked Among the Safest?
Did You Know That Oregon Colleges Are Ranked Among the Safest?

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Oregon Institute of Technology

According to Nuwber, Oregon Institute of Technology ranks as one of the safest colleges. This is a public institution that is located in Klamath Falls. And what makes it stand out is the school’s low rate of hate crimes, sexual crimes, and violent crimes against women. Plus, there is a Campus Safety department, and they help when it comes to responding to both non-emergency and emergency situations.

George Fox University

Another school in Oregon that has ranked high on the list of the safest colleges in the state is George Fox University, which is a Christian college. The school has various services in place, along with policies, that are all geared toward keeping all of the students as safe as possible. They have a Campus Public Safety phone number that students can contact, and their crime rate is so low that, in 2019, no crimes were committed on their Portland campus.

Portland State University

Portland State University is yet another school that is considered safe, so it is worth checking it out and learning more about it if your son or daughter would like to attend college in Oregon. This school is located in Portland, but it claims to provide a safe environment in an urban setting. They have Campus Public Safety officers that work on patrolling the campus, and they also have a Reimagine Campus Safety Committee that stays on top of any changes that need to be made to further ensure the safety of students.

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Eastern Oregon University

Another school that has a good reputation when it comes to its level of safety and its low crime rate is Eastern Oregon University. Located in La Grande, one of their goals is to provide safety. Also providing security to everyone on campus, and their patrol services are available all day and night every single day of the year. They work on protecting property, monitoring cameras, preventing crimes, and more. Plus, in the event that someone needs help, they can call security to get the support they require.

Why Considering Safety Is Important

Students spend a lot of time in colleges, whether they live on campus or not. Studying can be intimidating and tiring, young adults can get emotional and frustrated. Little quarrels are only natural in a group of people who see each other every day, but it’s important to make sure that the appropriate measures are taken to prevent any major accident from occurring. The whole college atmosphere as well as the behavior and attitude of professors play an important role in one’s college experience – including feeling safe and cared for. There are numerous ways how to make colleges and campuses more secure. Some of those ways are:

  1. Having reporting systems in place: be it reporting a crime, a threat or any kind of misbehavior, all processes should be clear and well-known. Both students and staff must know who and how to turn to in an emergency. Moreover, all the reports should be taken care of, so that the reporting system is trusted and not considered to be there just for show.
  2. Well-lit spaces: whether a class, a dormitory or a parking lot, all the spaces should have proper lighting. 
  3. First aid: all colleges and campuses must have an emergency room with professionals able to provide medical aid. It’s even better when the staff is trained in some basic first aid measures.
  4. Evacuation: evacuation plans must be present in the building. The staff and students must know how the evacuation processes work and where they should go in case of emergencies.

These are only a few ways to make a college a safer place. And of course, many things depend on students themselves.

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Which College in Oregon Will You Choose?

With so many great schools to choose from throughout Oregon, particularly when it comes to safe campuses, you can take steps to ensure your child will be able to get a great education while having fun and feeling secure. As you research the myriad options, consider factors like their most recent crime rates and the safety and security protocols they have in place to help students.


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