Lightyear Release Date, Cast, and, Most Importantly, Where Is Zurg?

Lightyear is the newest one in the iconic Toy Story Lineup from Pixar that is going to come out soon. In 1995, Disney’s animation studio released its first computer-animated feature movie, Toy Story.

Several Pixar movies were made possible by this movie, paving the way for more CG-animated movies. However, unlike other CG animation studios, Pixar’s films often deal with mature themes and messages, making them suitable for both children and adults.

Despite Pixar saying they will take a break from sequels after 2019’s Toy Story 4, they will still make other kinds of films based on their established IPs. For example, Pete Doctor, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, announced Lightyear at the Disney Investor Day meeting in 2020, a feature-length origin story about the iconic Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear.

We’ve compiled this guide to answer every question you might have about Lightyear. It includes everything like when it’s coming out, where you can watch it, and who’s voicing it. So, are you ready to find out more? Well, continue reading!

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Lightyear Release Date – When is the Movie Coming Out?

Pixar’s Lightyear will be released on June 17, 2022, three months before Turning Red. 

Angus MacLane was asked by Collider how close to completing the film he is. To which he responds, “I can definitely see the finish line.”. Despite all the work ahead, I’m just enjoying it as much as I can. I really like the team I’m working with. But I haven’t been able to work with them very much in person because of COVID.

Now, I am back at the studio, working on the film and interacting with people who occasionally drop by. I am just enjoying the process. I’ve learned over the years that when you’re working on something where you don’t expect to work with that group again, you can only rely on the experience you’ve gained. In other words, I’m trying to enjoy it, despite the challenges.”


Lightyear Cast – Who is in it?

So far, the only confirmed actor in the Lightyear voice cast is Chris Evans, who will play the film’s title character. You can see it in the official tweet.

Though Tim Allen voiced Buzz Lightyear in the first four Toy Story films and continued to do so in many of its related media, MacLane, who directed Allen in the 2011 feature Small Fry and Toy Story of Terror in 2013! Says the following about the new casting:

“I wanted the film to have an air of gravitas and seriousness, but also have an actor who could make the film funny at the same time. It had to be him. Having a number two wasn’t an option. That was obvious from the beginning. The question was: “If you were going to make a legit sci-fi film about Buzz Lightyear, who would you cast?”

Of course, Chris Evans. You need someone with that kind of star power. Who would play that role if it was live-action? He can play both roles. That chin, though, would be weird. You can’t hide it. Nevertheless, he was the first choice and he’s been a fantastic partner.

Having a grasp of the material immediately, he felt the sense of responsibility to translate it into the character’s context, and to deliver on it. He’s just been a great creative partner throughout the whole process.”

In the movie, only Lightyear’s casting has been confirmed so far. The teaser introduced audiences to characters whose casting has yet to be announced despite this.

A character named “Hawthorne” is likely to be a close companion of Lightyear, based on the fact that she says half of his catchphrase at the end of the trailer, which he almost finishes. Chris Evans has not always finished iconic catchphrases, though he’ll probably accomplish it in the film.

Is there Really a Robot Cat?

It looks like there is a robot cat named Sox in the trailer. Sox appears to startle Lightyear into a karate stance at one point, perhaps a nod to his karate chop move from Toy Story.

McLane’s response to being asked about the cat was this:

“I am advised that we are not yet ready to share all details about the robot cat, but I can tell you that it features prominently in the film and will be a fan favorite, not cynically, but intentionally. I think it’s funny. It’s a robotic cat, but it’s still a secret.”

Well, all we can predict right now is that since Lightyear is a Disney project, Sox might become an internet sensation like Grogu from The Mandalorian.

Lightyear Trailer Where Can I Watch it?

On October 29, 2021, Disney released the first trailer, which created excitement. Starting with David Bowie’s song Starman, the trailer sets the mood that viewers enjoy watching.

Is Zurg Going to be in Lightyear?

There have been rumors that Evil Emperor Zurg will appear since this is a Buzz Lightyear movie. The arch-enemy of Lightyear first appeared in Toy Story 2 and was voiced by Andrew Stanton, a long-time animator at Pixar. Zurg is very much reminiscent of Star Wars villain Darth Vader, right down to telling another Buzz Lightyear action figure that he is his father just like Vader told Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back that he is his father.

MacLane said this about the possibility that the Emperor himself might appear in Lightyear in regards to the ominous red-eyed robots from the trailer:

Accordingly, if Buzz were to be developed properly, he would have a laser, rocket legs, and a recognizable antagonist at some point. But, of course, I am not at liberty to say anything about it at this time.”

We’ll find out more about Zurg’s role in Lightyear before the film comes out.

Lightyear Plot

Despite its title, this film is not a prequel to Toy Story. It will be about Buzz Lightyear’s character, and it can contain a lot of action since we have seen him in Toy Story as an action figure.

Buzz Lightyear is definitely one of the most exciting characters in the film, and it will be a delight to watch his story unfold on its own. With that in mind, it is safe to say that all animation lovers with an appetite for action can wait with bated breath for this film because we can ensure you that it’s going to be hell fun to watch!

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