EntertainmentRaising Dion Season 2 Release Date, Character Information, Trailer, And More!

Raising Dion Season 2 Release Date, Character Information, Trailer, And More!

Raising Dion season 2 is finally happening, folks! Yes, you read it right. The most awaited supernatural show is finally making a comeback. The superpowered series Raising Dion has returned for a second season on Netflix nearly two years after its debut! 

Adapted from Dennis Liu’s 2015 comic book and short film, Raising Dion tells the story of Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright), a widowed mother who discovers her young son Dion (Ja’Siah Young) has superpowers. Nicole was assisted by Pat (Jason Ritter), the best friend of her deceased husband. The first season primarily focused on Nicole’s understanding of Dion’s powers while dealing with grief, especially for a single mother.  

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We can expect more characters, more superpowers, and more of the tender family drama that made Raising Dion so endearing to viewers last year. Find out everything we know about Raising Dion Season 2, including the brand-new trailer!

Raising Dion Season 2 Release Date

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022, all eight episodes of Raising Dion Season 2 will premiere on Netflix. So, finally, some good news for the eagerly waiting fans, isn’t it?

Raising Dion Season 2 Which Cast Members are Returning? 

Raising Dion’s main cast from Season 1 will return for Season 2. Including Wainwright as Nicole, Young as Dion, Ritter as Pat, Sammi Haney as Esperanza, and Jazmyn Simon as Kat. Additionally, Ali Ahn (who portrays Suzanne Wu), Gavin Munn (who represents Jonathan King), and Griffin Robert Faulkner (who portrays Brendan Mills) are also becoming regulars from guest stars.

The absence of Michael B. Jordan, who appeared several times throughout Season 1 in flashbacks, is notable, as he reappeared at the end of Season 1 as Nicole’s late husband, Mark. However, as an executive producer, Jordan remains involved with the series, so there is still a possibility that he will appear on the screen.  

Raising Dion Season 2
Raising Dion Season 2

Raising Dion Season 2 Who are the New Cast Members?

Season 2 of Raising Dion will bring in a number of fresh faces. According to Deadline, Rome Flynn, Aubriana Davis, Tracey Bonner, and Josh Ventura would be joining the cast. 

Ryan Flynn plays Tevin Wakefield, a former long-distance runner and Olympic coach who becomes Dion’s trainer. Davis will play 15-year-old Janelle Carr, who is brought to Biona by her mother for help managing her “behavioral issues.” Bonner will play Janelle’s mother, Simone, who hopes for normalcy for her daughter. Mr. Marsh, the new Vice President of Operations at Biona who wants to rekindle his relationship with Suzanne Wu, will be played by Ventura. 

The Season 2 cast will also feature Michael Anthony as Gary Stafford and Scott Daniel Johnson, who, What’s On Netflix reports, will play a character named Joe.

Raising Dion Season 2 Plot: What’s It Going to be About?

As Raising Dion Season 2 picks up two years after Season 1. Therefore, Dion once again explores his powers while Nicole struggles to keep him safe and raise him well. 

Netflix describes Raising Dion Season 2 as follows: “Season 2 follows Dion as he continues to develop his abilities with the support of his mom and Tevin (Rome Flynn), his Biona trainer who catches Nicole’s eye.

As Dion befriends Brayden (Griffin Robert Faulkner) – a fellow powered kid, a series of alarming events unfold, and the danger keeps looming. Following twists, turns, and surprise visitors, Dion and Nicole must prevail again-not just to save themselves, but the entire city of Atlanta.”

After the final confrontation with Dion, we see Brayden seemingly become possessed by The Crooked Man. It was suggesting that their friendship is about to take a dark turn. A promo photo also reveals Pat will be back in some capacity, proving he somehow survived the final showdown.

It appears that Pat will still be held accountable for his actions. Even if he is no longer able to use his powers since he is in handcuffs in one of the promo photos.

Raising Dion Season 2 How Many Episodes are There?

Netflix has provided a “fast facts” press sheet stating that Season 2 of Raising Dion will only have eight episodes. So, it means, it’s one less than Season 1.

Raising Dion Season 2 Trailer Is it Out Yet?

On Jan. 18, we finally got a look at the Season 2 trailer for Raising Dion -and it definitely did not disappoint. “Dion is learning new skills this season at Biona. But he is quickly discovering that energy never ceases to exist. It just alters its form,” notes the series’ official Twitter account. You can watch the trailer yourself here.

Well, that’s all, folks! Season 2 of Raising Dion is currently streaming on Netflix right now. So, check it out and tell us in the comments that did the new season fall up to your expectations or not?

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