What Was the Davenport Building Cause of Collapse?

The Davenport building collapse was devastating as it affected the lives of many, as countless people have lost their homes. Newly released surveillance video captured the collapse on May 28, 2023, in Davenport, Iowa, United States of America. Let’s recap the Davenport building cause of collapse and how it left hundreds of individuals distraught.

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Davenport Building Cause of Collapse

The Davenport building cause of collapse is yet to be determined. Firefighters encountered a humongous amount of natural gas and water leakage at the building during the rescue operation. Moreover, maintenance work was underway a few days before the Davenport building’s collapse as the walls demanded repair.

People who were living in the front section of the building are still missing. The rescue team has been trying to discover them, namely Daniel Prien, Branden Colvin Sr., and Ryan Hitchcock.

Furthermore, as per the official report on May 23, the private sector structural engineer and inspectors found issues in the building’s structure, and the bricks of the facade got separated from the interior wall. Additionally, the engineer evaluated and described in the report that the “brick façade is unlikely to be preserved in place, but it can be brought down in a safe, controlled manner.”

In addition to fixing the façade, the structural engineer also advised adding a steel column for extra support.

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What Was the Davenport Building Cause of Collapse?
What Was the Davenport Building Cause of Collapse?

Second Visit of the Inspectors 

On May 25, 2023, the city inspectors visited the site a second time and they noticed the start of brickwork. However, it was not clear in the report by the inspectors whether any repair work had been done before the Davenport building’s collapse.

The city inspector took pictures on May 25 showing the gap between the interior wall and façade with crumbled brick in-between. Also, wood planks can be seen leaning against the Davenport building’s western border.

Most importantly, the building was demolished despite the thorough investigation and assessment of the city inspectors and structural engineer, but the concerned authorities did not pay heed to the letter provided by the inspection team. Still, many residents of the building are missing, and the wailing families are in agony as they are without home.

Many are waiting to know about the Davenport building cause of collapse. We hope the suffering families find peace and those who are responsible for the Davenport building cause of collapse are brought to justice.

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