What Is Jock Zonfrillo Cause Of Death?

The renowned MasterChef personality, aged 46, was discovered dead by the police at Zagame’s House hotel in Melbourne around 2 am on Monday, April 30, 2023. The renowned chef had traveled to Australia, leaving his family behind in Italy, for the launch of Masterchef Australia season 15. Unfortunately, he passed away just a day before the show’s premiere. Zonfrillo’s sudden demise has sparked many questions regarding his cause of death. After all, the Glasgow-born chef was seen in perfectly good health a day before.

Jock Zonfrillo Cause of Death

According to the police, Jock Zonfrillo cause of death is natural causes, and no unusual or suspicious circumstances were found in the hotel room where he was found dead.

What Is Jock Zonfrillo Cause Of Death
What Is Jock Zonfrillo Cause Of Death

The hotel was just a short distance from his former residence in Carlton. Authorities entered Jock’s hotel room to conduct a welfare check and found him dead. They immediately thought that Jock Zonfrillo cause of death was natural causes, as there was no evidence suggesting otherwise. His family traveled to Melbourne on Tuesday night.

Moreover, Jock Zonfrillo also battled cancer before passing away. However, the celebrity chef hid his health struggles from most friends and colleagues, typically seeking treatment during breaks from filming the Network 10 cooking show. It is important to note that while Zonfrillo had confided in very close friends about his battle with the disease, it is not implied that Jock Zonfrillo cause of death was cancer.

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Tributes Paid to Jock Zonfrillo

After the unfortunate demise of Jock Zonfrillo, people have been paying tribute and offering condolences all over social media platforms. Numerous celebrities have also taken the opportunity to honor the late chef. Jamie Oliver expressed his gratitude on Instagram, mentioning how Jock had been exceptionally generous with his time and spirit during their time together on the show. Oliver further praised Jock, along with Melissa and Andy, for their inspiring roles as judges and mentors, each bringing their distinct perspectives and styles. The loss of Jock was deeply felt, and Oliver expressed disbelief at having to write such words.


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 Jock Zonfrillo Life and Career

Zonfrillo began working for British chef Marco Pierre White at 17. During this period, he was homeless and had an addiction to heroin. When Pierre White discovered that Jock Zonfrillo had no home and was sleeping in the restaurant, he lent him some money and even found a place to stay.

Then, at age 20, in 1996, Zonfrillo relocated to Australia and secured employment at Forty One, a restaurant in Sydney’s central business district. During this time, he used cocaine, pills, LSD, and cannabis while trying his best to conceal his addiction to heroin from everyone around him.

When his visa expired in 1997, Zonfrillo returned to the UK. Two years later, just before his return to Australia, he administered his final dose of heroin in the restrooms of Heathrow Airport. This experience served as the inspiration for the title of his book.

Upon arriving in Sydney, Zonfrillo resided in the house of his then-girlfriend Kelly’s parents. There, he underwent the grueling process of detoxification, commonly known as going cold turkey, which he vividly describes as “horrific.” He wrote, “For 10 days I was vomiting and screaming and s**ting all over the place before the fever finally broke.”

During Melbourne’s extended COVID lockdown, Jock Zonfrillo and his neighbor, Mr. Ayer, provided each other with good company. The two frequently checked on one another by popping their heads over the fence. After the lockdown ended, Zonfrillo would invite Mr. Ayer for meals, creating opportunities to spend time together.

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According to Mr. Ayer, Zonfrillo and his wife had a strong and stable relationship, describing them as a solid couple. Furthermore, Mr. Ayer also said that Zonfrillo cherished his children and considered them the light of his life. He spoke highly of the Zonfrillo family, referring to them as wonderful people and good neighbors.

Recently, the Zonfrillo family moved out of their expensive two-story rental home, which cost $3000 per week, and relocated to Italy. While Zonfrillo desired to live in Italy for a while, his wife initially had reservations. However, she eventually changed her mind, wanting a change in their lives.

Zonfrillo had just begun adjusting to their new life in Italy when he had to return to Melbourne for promotional work related to the upcoming season of MasterChef. He planned to join his wife and children in Rome after completing his commitments with Channel 10. Zonfrillo had also been in the early stages of planning a new restaurant and working on a cookbook before his untimely passing.

Jock Zonfrillo was a ray of sunshine, and he will be truly missed by everyone who knew him.


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