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The immensely popular Japanese game, Danganronpa, has made millions of gamers all around the world hooked on it. The game features a bear (the not-so-good kind) named Monokuma who forces high school students to kill each other. The students are given an ultimatum; they can either kill another student and get away with it or be trapped in the school forever. Sounds like quite a thrilling game, doesn’t it? Well, it only gets more intense as you have to catch the murderer in class trials or face death. Thus, you must know a little bit about all the Danganronpa Characters if you really want to excel in the game. You can find out all the information regarding the main Danganronpa characters in this easy-to-understand character guide.


Danganronpa charactersThis black and white robotic bear is the Headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy. He has a dual appearance, his right side looks just like any adorable ordinary bear’s while his left side depicts his true evil nature- an evil smile and a red jagged eye. Unlike traditional happy-go-lucky bears, he prefers violence, death, and chaos. He makes his students participate in a killing game where they must kill others to survive. Not only this but they must also not get caught in the class trails to escape. His rules are merciless; if the murderer is found, he is killed and if he isn’t found, everybody else is killed! Basically, Monokuma is quite a sadistic who gets happy and excited upon seeing people in despair. He is perhaps the most important character in the game as the killing games would not exist without him.

The Monokuma Kubs-

Danganronpa charactersThe Monokuma kubs are the alleged children of the sinister Mastermind- Monokuma. These kubs control the students of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles along with their robotic father and help in spreading evil. They also end up killing their father accidentally but Monokuma manages to return. The kubs have control over the exisals who are ginormous killing machine robots that resemble animals in looks. These animal-like robots carry dangerous weapons which give them the ability to manipulate students to obey the rules. The Monokuma Kubs have another special power, they can fix and rebuild things. This group consists of five members; Monodam, Monophanie, Monokid, Monotaro, and Monosuke.


Monodom is a part of the Monokuma kubs who are the alleged children of the sinister mastermind-monodam Monokuma. He changes sides and convinces all the kubs to go against their father and force him into exile. Then, he himself takes over the academy until his father returns which is quite unusual because he is normally the quiet one. Monodam looks a lot like his father except that he is white and olive green in color in contrast to Monokuma’s black and white color. He also has a pacifier in his mouth which shows that he is yet a child. However, he is quite different from everyone else in his family as he despises the killing games and wants everybody to live as friends in peace.


MonokidThe musician of his family, Monokid, is a white and blue bear with red pupils and pink cheeks. He is short-tempered and quite literally a very big bully! Furthermore, he loves to make noise and use vulgarity to make fun of people. He doesn’t even spare his own brothers as he constantly bullies Monodam and loves to abuse him! Perhaps the dumbest of his family, Monokid utters irrelevant and incoherent phrases randomly and this makes everybody dislike him. His catchphrase is ‘Hell Yeah!’ and he will shout it out loud randomly. Monokid is one of the most violent characters of the game. He even claims that violence turns him on! He ends up dying because of his nonsense behavior in the end.


Monophonic is a pink, magenta, and white bear with glowing white eyes. She carries a big yellowDanganronpa Characters sunflower around with her all the time while also wearing a pink flower on her left ear. This child robot is the only female in her family. She is also much more gentle and kind than her family members which makes everybody like her. Unlike them, she hates violence and blood and pukes every time she sees it. This greatly annoys her evil brothers as they love to see people in pain. All in all, she is smart, intelligent, and way better than the other demonic robots.


Danganronpa CharactersThis white and brown striped bear is calm and aggressive at the same time. At times, he will use his intelligence to analyze situations while others are dealing with shock and at other times, he will show his vulgarity and be rude for no apparent reason. In fact, you could call him a bi-polar bear! Like his brothers and sister, he loves to kill and enjoys violence and gore. Apart from this, he also likes money, fame, and success which becomes apparent as the game proceeds.


MonotaroPart of the Monokuma cubs, Monotaro is a red and white colored bear. He is supposed to be the leader of the cubs but his distracted nature causes him to be often sidelined. He is less hostile as compared to his siblings but just as twisted as them. At one point, he loses his memories and even has an affair with his sister! Not only this, but when his father aka Monokuma dies, he suggests cooking up his remains and eating them! All in all, Monotaro is just as bad if not worse than his siblings.

Danganronpa Characters – Students of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles

Students of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted JuvenilesMentioned below are the details of the 16 students of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles who are forced to take part in the Killing Games. Some of these Danganronpa characters are actually quite nice but the others are evil and don’t mind killing their fellow classmates.

Kaede Akamatsu- Ultimate Pianist

This blonde girl with beautiful purple eyes is one of the first protagonists in the game. She is strong and brave and isn’t afraid to speak up against evil. Thus, she strongly condones the killing games and takes action against them wherever and whenever needed. In spite of her firm character, she is quite polite and kind. In fact, the main reason she even plays the piano is to watch other people smile! She loves to listen to other people’s troubles and help them out which makes her quite a gullible character. All in all, Kaedi Akamatsu is an optimistic leader who is loved by all. Unfortunately, she is one of the first characters to die in the game which is heartbreaking for everybody.

Angie Yonaga- Ultimate Artist

This talented artist is quite well known due to her belief in Atua (God of the Island). She even ends up making a cult in the group to invite people to worship Atua and believe in his glory. Due to her belief, she is not scared of the murders and this ends up getting her killed by Korekiyo. Her blue eyes and dark skin combined with her wavy platinum blonde hair make her one of the prettiest characters in the game.

Gonta Gokuhara- Ultimate Entomologist

This tan, muscular boy is a friendly giant. He loves bugs as well as helping others. Thus, whenever anyone is in trouble, he is the first to lend them a helping hand. However, to make the game more exciting, the producers give him some fake sad memories which make him go mad. In this crazy rush, he kills one of his friends named Miu. After murdering her, his memories go away and he doesn’t remember the crimes he has done. He is one the nicest and kindest characters in the game and this makes everybody love him.

Himiko Yumeno- Ultimate Magician

The Ultimate Magician of the game, Himiko Yumeno, can perform regular parlor tricks. However, she believes that these tricks are real magic and prefers to call herself a mage instead of a magician. She comes across as very childish and immature. She mostly doesn’t even realize what is happening around her! This makes it hard for her to befriend other people and share her thoughts. In spite of not having a lot of allies, Himiko Yumeno turns out to be one of the three final survivors in the game.

K1-B0- Ultimate Robot

Also known as Keebo, K1-B0 is one of the finalists from the Danganronpa Characters who make it to the end of the game. However, he ends up sacrificing himself for the destruction of the dome surrounding the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles so that the other three survivors ( Maki, Shuichi, and Himiko) can escape into the real world. Although he deeply wishes to feel emotions, Keebo is unable to feel them or cry. However, he still makes a bigger sacrifice than anybody else in the fame which makes him the biggest hero in the game.

Kaito Momota- Ultimate Astronaut

Known for his dramatic speeches, Kaito Momota is one of the heroes from the Danganronpa Characters who sacrifices his life to save Maki’s. His main goal is to always encourage his mates to train so that they are prepared for anything and everything that comes their way. He is a dramatic and passionate person who loves romance and fulfilling his dreams. From the very beginning, he described himself as someone who would sacrifice his life for others, and in the end, he proves that he lives by his word.

Kirumi Tojo- Ultimate Maid

As the supposed Prime Minister of Japan, Kirumi Tojo is determined to do whatever it takes to escape from the school. She is one of the nicest characters in the game who cooks and cleans for all the other students. She is kind, compassionate, and intelligent which makes her everybody’s favorite! Her good looks are just a bonus which makes the students like her even more. After all, who doesn’t love a slim woman with green eyes and pale skin!

Kokichi Oma- Ultimate Supreme Leader

We all know someone who pretends to be powerful and strong but really isn’t! Well, Kokichi Oma is exactly that person in Danganronpa. He pretends to be the Ultimate Supreme Leader and fools his classmates for a long time until the truth finally comes out and they find out that he is nothing but a cheat. Once everyone finds out the truth about him, they get so angry that one of them, namely Miu, even tries to kill him. By the time the game reaches its end, we find out that he’s nothing but a tale-telling boy who is just a prankster!

Korekiyo Shinguji- Ultimate Anthropologist

Perhaps the most demented character in the game, Koeekiyo Shinguji, is one of the participants of the Killing Games. He is tall and slim with ocean green hair and yellow eyes. Quite a unique appearance, right? Just like his appearance, his personality is quite a bit different as well. He believes in his theory of “humanity’s unlimited beauty” according to which all humans are beautiful and so is their ugly sides. He is one of those characters that have no problem killing other people and thus, he happily participates in the games. In the game, he kills two characters, namely Angie and Tenko to give his dead sister more friends in the afterlife. Basically, his goal in life is to kill all young girls who he believes can be his sister’s friends.

Maki Harukawa- Ultimate Child Caregiver

While she claims to be the ultimate child caregiver, Maki Harukawa is actually the ultimate assassin! Her black hair and red eyes combined with her serious personality makes her quite intimidating. She doesn’t like people much and prefers to stay alone all the time. This makes her come across as unfriendly and stubborn as she doesn’t really care much for anyone. However, towards the end, she develops a strong bond with two of her classmates; Kaito Momota Shuichi Saihara. She reveals to them that she was tortured as part of her assassin training which made her cold and ruthless. Honestly, Maki Hurukawa is actually a real softie inside and this part of her starts to come out towards the end of the game!

Miu Iruma- Ultimate Inventor

Miu Iruma is one of the most stunning girls from Danganronpa Characters in the game with an hourglass figure, icy blue eyes, and blonde hair. Just like most pretty girls, she is very mean and has a rude personality which makes everybody dislike her. She does end up making two friends, namely Gonta and Keebu. The latter is also her crush and she works hard to give him more and more upgrades. As the game proceeds, we find out that her rude personality is just a facade and she is actually a timid girl who is scared of other people getting mad at her. She is also very naughty and perverted and tends to make people uncomfortable with her sexual statements. Unfortunately, she is betrayed by her friend Gonta who becomes overcome with despair and murders her.

Rantaro Amami- Ultimate Survivalist

Rantaro Amami is a carefree character and the first to die in the killing games. Thus, nobody really knows his talent until the end of the game where it is revealed that his title was the Ultimate Survivalist! This is quite ironic because he died before anyone else. This green-haired boy is one of the most friendliest and laid back characters in the game and seeing him die so early is really depressing.

Ryoma Hoshi- Ultimate Tennis Pro

Ryoma Hoshi is a short boy with red hair and black eyes. His black hat has two tennis rackets on it which show his love for tennis. This ultimate tennis pro is very different from all the other characters as unlike the others, he doesn’t want to survive. Before becoming a part of the killing games, Ryoma had been in prison due to killing some thugs. Thus, everybody is as scared of him as they should be because he isn’t scared of killing those who do wrong. He is also depressed and sad and believes that he shouldn’t let anyone get close to him because he is going to die soon. Just like he predicted, Ryoma Hoshi ends up dying soon, and that too at the hands of his classmate Kirumi.

Shuichi Saihara- Ultimate Detective

As the main protagonist of the game, Shuichi Saihara works really hard to end the killing games. To do this, he makes strong allies including Kaito and Maki who help him to survive till the end of the game. This black-haired guy is given the title of the Ultimate Detective and he lives up to the title by constantly working until he discovers the murderer! Although he is very talented, he is quite unsure of himself which makes him come across as weak and unreliable.

Tenko Chabashira- Ultimate Aikido Master

Like any martial arts specialist, Tenko is quite talented and spends most of her time training others. She is quite a confident character who isn’t scared of speaking her mind. Obviously, this creates tensions as she confronts people about their beliefs including Angie. Apart from this, Tenko is loud and dislikes men which becomes apparent as the game proceeds. She Is also short-tempered and quick to bring out her fighting skills to defend herself. Moreover, she is quick to give in to her emotions and rush into things without thinking. However, she is still a powerful character and you really don’t want to get on her bad side.

Tsumugi Shirogane- Ultimate Cosplayer

For someone with such innocent looks, Tsumugi Shirogane surely is a sinister mastermind. She is actually one of the creators of the killing game. However, for most of the game, she puts on a fake innocent facade to fool Danganronpa Characters into believing that she is just as surprised as them upon seeing her murdered classmates. Tsumugi Shirogane is the ultimate cosplayer and loves making costumes of her favorite characters. She is perhaps the most simplest of all the characters and thus, this sudden revelation of her evil nature is a plot twist that nobody expected!

Danganronpa Characters Conclusion-

Danganronpa is a thrilling adventure game full of exciting life and death situations. It features a wide variety of Danganronpa characters that will surely grab your attention; from evil bears to kind giants to cunning cosplayers.



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