D H Peligro Net Worth At Time Of Death Was $5 Million

D.H. Peligro passed away last year and now people want to know what D H Peligro net worth was and how much fortune has he left behind.

In the vibrant and rebellious world of punk and rock music, a few people have left an irreplaceable mark on the genre, and the late D.H. Peligro is one of these people. With his explosive energy and unapologetic attitude, Peligro inspired several people and had a huge fan base. This is why his net worth is also expected to be in millions.

D H Peligro net worth 

In his successful career as a part of different rock bands, D.H. Peligro a good amount of fortune. It is estimated that at the time of his death, D H Peligro net worth was $5 million.

D H Peligro’s career

From a young age, he showed interest in music. He moved to San Francisco in his teenage years for better life opportunities. There he would perform for local bands and hotels. And in his quest for a music career, he auditioned for a famous punk rock band, Dead Kennedy, in 1981. His era of fame started when he replaced their original drummer Ted. 

D H Peligro Net Worth At Time Of Death Was $5 Million
D H Peligro Net Worth At Time Of Death Was $5 Million

The band went on to release excellent albums for five years, after which they decided to break the band and go their separate ways. Being a part of Dead Kennedys helped boost D H Peligro net worth greatly.

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The drummer then joined another famous band Red Hot Chili Pepper, in 1988. He made good friends there but was fired the same year because of his drug addiction. It was a tough time in his life, and one of the other band members, Flea, said that he didn’t get out of his bed for days after making this decision. Chad Smith became the new drummer of the band.

D. H. Peligro’s famous albums

D.H. Peligro has given the world some amazing albums. With Dead Kennedys, he made 12 albums. Some of them are ‘In God We Trust, Inc.’, his first ever album, and ‘The Early Years Live’, one of the albums the group recorded after reuniting in 2001.

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D. H. Peligro’s family

D. H. Peligro’s real name was Darren Henley. He was born on 9 July 1959 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. There is not much information about his personal life or family available.

D. H. Peligro’s drug addiction

Apart from making his name in music, Peligro faced some personal struggles. The Dead Kennedy drummer has openly talked about his battle with drug addiction and his challenges throughout his career. But no matter how hard things got, nothing stopped him from working for his passion, music.

His addiction was also the reason behind D. H. Peligro’s death, as he died tragically last year in his house due to Fentanyl and heroin overdose.


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