Is ‘Cruel Summer’ returning for a season 3?

News about renewal for Cruel Summer Season 3 has been circulating. Season 2 will end on July 31, 2023, and fans cannot wait to see how the story progresses. According to the executive producer, Michelle Purple, Cruel Summer season 3 will see a time shift in the 90s or the 2000s, giving the viewers a backstory of the main characters.

News about Renewal of Cruel Summer Season 3

Although the producers already decide on the premise and the storyline, it is not sure whether the production for Cruel Summer Season 3 will begin just yet. Undoubtedly, a lot of the decision-making depends on how the audience will receive Cruel Summer Season 2, which can only be confirmed after the completion of the airing by July 31st, 2023.
Cruel Summer Season 2 was wholly revamped with different timelines, cast and creative variations to the show. It requires significant commitment and grit to execute such a feat. But the fans’ devotion towards the front keeps the actors and producers going.

The Premise of Cruel Summer Season 3

As of yet, the only bit revealed about Cruel Summer Season 3 is that there will be a swap in the timelines, but the show shall remain true to its murder-mystery genre. Furthermore, with the significant twists and turns seen in season 2, even the cast is unaware of what might happen next. The developments in season 2 had been intriguing; fans were glued to their screens. In addition to this, they expressed their attachment to the new couples showing intense chemistry – several tiktokers started shipping the characters. Hence, one can expect more mysterious twists to the story, convincing on-screen romance and more unexpected revelations from Cruel Summer Season 3.
Expected Date of Premiere

As the show’s title suggests, Cruel Summer Season 3 shall be released in the summer of 2024 if renewed.

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Is 'Cruel Summer' returning for a season 3?
Is ‘Cruel Summer’ returning for a season 3?

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Possible Cancellation of Cruel Summer Season 3?

Gauging from the statistics on season 2, there has been a significant drop in the ratings compared to the first season. Significantly since season 2 was completely revamped with a new cast and plot line. The show’s average rating was 0.04, and it was watched by people aged 18 to 49. Thus, garnering a total of 126,000 viewers. Furthermore, an evaluation of how the show did compare to others aired on other channels during the same time is still pending. As of yet, viewers’ loyalty, TV ratings and engagement shall play a huge role in the decision-making. Let’s hope the show is not cancelled and Cruel Summer Season 3 can rack up higher ratings than the past seasons.

Although, overall the show has an excellent rating on IMDB and has been successfully running since April 20, 2021. All of these factors hinder the cancellation of Cruel Summer Season 3, and quite possibly, there shall be a renewal underway.

Fans’ Reception of Cruel Summer Season 2

Despite a strong plot line, fans believed Isabella and Meghan’s friendship was too rushed and conveniently made chummier than anticipated to suit the storyline. This one aspect put off viewers as they thought there was no solid ground for the two girls to gel in and stick with each other. Unfortunately, loopholes in the characters may jeopardize the proposal to renew Cruel Summer Season 3. On the contrary, Jeanette and Kate’s hatred has made the fans hungry for more; they are more excited to see where it goes.

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Cruel Summer Season 3 Plot Line Theories

Fans have taken to social media to express what they expect from the American thriller. They’re hooked on the romantic developments between the characters, but theories about the next season can only be hypothesized after it has completed running. As of yet, the cast members had disclosed how they only learned about essential developments before they started filming. Hence, predicting in which direction the show might go is very difficult.

Finally, the renewal of Cruel Summer Season 3 primarily depends on the fans and the streaming services, Freeform and Hulu’s interest in the new plot line and character development.


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