A Comprehensive Ecommerce Portal: What First-Timers Need to Know

The impression or the image of a company when we first visit it is vital. If you think that great visuals are just for fun and can’t offer you good results, then you are wrong. Websites are judged in split seconds as it takes just 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a website. There are certainly many aspects that the designers and developers need to think to get the attention of visitors in this tiny moment. 

An eCommerce portal will pull in lots of current and potential customers for a company, but that’s just one side of the story. There are some aspects that are very much technical as business owners don’t need to think much more deeply about designing and developing a website. That can be taken care of by expert designers and developers working for a company. 

The fact that over 60% of the visitors on your website will judge your website purely on the design aspect is a figure that can make your jaw drop. As a potential business owner, you need to think about getting that advantage with the help of a designer working for you. Dubai is a land of opportunities for sure, but the stiff competition is very tough on anyone looking to make a mark on the bigger scene. 

The following are 7 of the best things you need to incorporate in your design for a comprehensive eCommerce portal. 

First Impression is the Last Impression

Ok, we all know this but exactly how to make a design to achieve this is the real question. There are many things that you need to know here and the first of them is what is it that will make your web design simple and familiar. This is important as new entrants in the business field should look for a design for their portal that is outrageous and looks cool. But this doesn’t work every time.

You need to follow certain types of rules here when we talk about eCommerce portals. Most of us have a fixed idea of what an eCommerce site should look like. If you go for true innovation and a design that looks unconventional, it may not be liked by all of your target audiences. You need to give yourself a full chance to get the maximum eyeballs, and an unconventional design will not offer you this. You need to stick to the basics by experimenting a little.

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Let me offer you some tips about what people, visiting a website for the first time, try to find out. 

What Visitors Look for in a New Site?

We all visit our favorite websites and shopping portals regularly. Yet, we always search for new options, for comparing prices, for example. But it is only the price that can attract a visitor on the first visit to a website? Maybe not. The design can get their attention too so that they would want to browse through the website to see what other sections have to offer. 

Researchers have monitored our eye movements for several years now as they scan web pages for relevant information. They have concluded, after using eye-tracking data, how long does in tale to determine students to focus on specific sections of a page—such as a menu, logos or social media sharing buttons. It is just a mere 2-3 seconds, and if they can’t find that information, then they don’t make much of an effort and look for another site.

First Impressions are Mostly Concerned with Design 

Design rules. Price is only a factor when someone is desperately looking for a product for a low price. In this case, CTAs can work big time. Most of the time, you need an exquisite design that can make things work for you. Let’s look at the following factors and a brief description as to why things don’t work for any company if their design is not up to the mark. 

Complex: Design too complex and cater to a niche rather than most of the visitors looking to buy a product. You need to go easy on design with a touch of uniqueness for sure.

Busy layout: It should be according to what your target market is. Again, stick to the basics for a good result. 

Lack of navigation aids: A grave mistake. You need to think about offering basic navigation aids to make a visitor easily look for a product.

Boring web design: Design which is monotonous or a rehash of a famous one, can be boring for most people. Be original with making sure that your design complements your product well. 

Use of color: Colors offer a vibrant look to a website but don’t use colors in overdose. Use of 2-3 colors can be great. You can take the support of a company adept in website design in Dubai for the best results. 

Pop-up adverts: Pop-up ads can be annoying, but if you can use them for promoting your products, it can offer you good results. 

Slow introductions to the site: If you think that you can tease your visitors in terms of slow introduction so that they get interested in your website, this is a bad ploy. This is not a teaser campaign of an ad where you can build the tempo one bit at a time. Most website users don’t have much patience, and you need to show them what you got right away. 

Too much text: Too much text can be overwhelming for your visitors to read. You can’t expect your visitors to read every line of your website. You may have written a wonderful copy, but not everyone is interested in reading paragraphs after paragraphs. Make it short and sweet to send your message across. 

Poor search capabilities: If your visitors find it difficult to find their intended product or know more about it, then you will pay heavily for this. Try to offer a search as simple as possible to make things work for you. 

Over to you

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Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to business but the passion keeps him in this field.

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