5 Business Apps To Increase Productivity 

Many entrepreneurs and people in business use different productivity apps to enhance their life. If you want to organize your life and want to improve your productivity, then you must use productivity apps. Even though there are many productivity apps resent in the app store, we won’t suggest you use all of them. As plenty of apps can make your life messier. We have made a list of 5 business apps that you can use to increase your productivity. 

1. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks 

Wunderlist is one of the classic apps that allows users to get things done. The app is designed in a manner that will force you to do all the things. The app allows users to add due dates and reminders. You can use the Wunderlist to plan everything between your home and work. The app can be used for sharing the list with your teammates. You can even use the app to assign to-dos. 

2. Insight Timer

Amid the hectic schedule, one should make sure that they have taken rest. Meditation is one of the most wonderful ways to relax in between the working schedule. Insight Timer is an app that has the most extensive collection of guided meditations. More than ten million people use the app. You have the option of not only enjoying guided meditation, but you can also use the app for improving your sleep too. The Insight Timer is the best app to the stress in a bay. 

3. Evernote

If you need to organize anything in your life, you can use Evernote. This app can play the roles of a notepad, organizer, and planner. You can take better notes using the Evernote app. The app is also used by many users to organize your life. One also allows the users to scan anything. You can even search your handwritten notes on the app. Evernote comes with many templates, and this allows the users to plan everything perfectly. You can also use the app to capture inspiration and ideas.

4. Fabulous – Daily Motivation 

Fabulous – Daily Motivation is a goal planner and tracker app. You can use the app to build better habits. With the Fabulous – Daily Motivation app, you can achieve your goals in 30 days; The app allows the users to create your best version. All the habits that you build with the Fabulous – Daily Motivation app can be long-lasting if you want. The app also allows the users to find a personal coach on the app itself. 

5. Blinkist

No matter how old you are, you can always learn something new. It is recommended by many coaches to create the habit of reading books as it enhances their life. With the Blinkist app, you can read a book in 15 minutes. If you do not want to read any book, you can listen to the summary of the audiobook. The app captures key ideas from thousands of books. 

You can always use the above listed 5 Business Apps To Increase Productivity . Let us know which of these apps did you like the best.


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi always remains passionate towards innovation and his love for gadgets has been exhibited in his writing. His knack to learn more and more had turned him too passionate towards learning. His learning attitude had shaped him as a perfect writer, He writes about technology, gadgets, blogging, smartphone tips and tricks and software reviews.

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