Charleston White Net Worth Is Around $1.5 Million

Charleston White is an American YouTuber who has made his name in the world of social media through his unique perspective and bold statements. He has around 230K subscribers and has posted 1K videos on YouTube. With his increasing popularity, everyone wants to know the total value of Charleston White net worth.

Charleston White Net Worth 

As of 2023, Charleston White net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. His primary income source is his YouTube channel.

Moreover, he is also an influencer and motivational speaker who earns a good amount of money from his businesses. He owns a clothing line and also has an official website for the same.

Charleston White Net Worth Is Around $1.5 Million
Charleston White Net Worth Is Around $1.5 Million

Charleston White’s Career as a Youtuber/Influencer

White has a successful career as a YouTuber, influencer, and motivational speaker. Through his YouTube channel, Charleston connects with his audience and shares his experience and thoughts with them. His audience loves his style and supports him because his content is relatable and can resonate with them.

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He is also the CEO of a youth reach called HYPE (Helping Young People Excel). Charleston took this step for the betterment of youth as he knows how important this is based on his personal experiences. 

Charleston White’s Early Life

Charleston White, also known as Baby Blu, was born in 1970 in Texas, United States. It is reported that he was born into a joint family with an ethnic background of African descent. His mother was a housewife, and his father was in the Navy. Charleston grew up with five cousins and one older brother. Moreover, he is a practising Christian. 

Charleston White Controversy

From his feud with J. Prince to making statements about George Floyd and the late rapper DMX, Charleston has often been a part of controversies. The influencer doesn’t shy away from making bold statements, and one of his recent controversies was when he claimed to have maced Soulja Boy.

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Despite the backlash that the YouTuber receives, his fans support him, and his fanbase is growing by every passing day.

Charleston White’s Criminal Past

Charleston was recently released from jail. He served seven years in prison for a crime he committed as a 14-year-old. Charleston and his gang members were shoplifting at a store, and when a white man tried to stop him, one of the shoplifters shot him. Charleston was convicted of murder and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. 

With the right guidance, group therapy sessions, and the realization that he is supposed to take accountability for his actions, Charleston groomed his way of thinking. This positive change was noticed by his house parent, psychiatrist, and teachers, who helped to reduce his sentence.

While coming out of prison, Charleston decided that he was going to be more responsible for his actions but got arrested again soon on the charges of trafficking drugs. When he got out of prison this time, he decided that he would change his life for good, so he went to complete his Criminal Justice degree at Wesleyan University if Wesleyan.

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Charleston’s story from prison to motivational speaker has been inspiring. He is a true example of someone who changed their life for good. 53-year-old Charleston is climbing the ladder of success, and at this rate, the value of Charleston White net worth will surely increase.

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