Behind the Table: A Special Podcast Series From ‘the View’

“The View” is planning on taking a new view of the famous talk show  that recently made the headlines after the phrase going viral of Barbara Walters, that she always had planned on for a show along with a new podcast naming it as, “Behind the Table.”

In the year 1997, Walters had created a show that celebrated strong women and their views on society. And 25 years later the talk show is celebrating its success with a dedicated podcast series.

Every Tuesday a new episode will be released for “Behind the Table” in which all the participants will have some interesting conversations and some never heard stories of their life. And as far as we know that we are going to listen to some brainstorming controversies and all the and all the moments.

Who Is Going to Be Present at the Show?

Sherri Shepherd, Meredith Vieira, Lisa Ling, along all the other previous and present hosts and co-hosts are going to join this show. A lot of amazing discussions about the politicians, celebrities, and the newsmakers are most probably to be seen along with a lot of the scenes of the trending talks on Twitter.

Behind the Table
Behind the Table

Producer  Brian Teta shared a lot of memories in this new podcast named “The View”. In this podcast a total look back for over 9 episodes in which all the co-hosts are going to share their memories in the celebration of the 25th season. It was also shared by Goldberg some of the insights of being a co-host and related meetings. 

‘Behind The Table’ is a special podcast series and in this show, Whoopi Goldberg came along and shared her experience on the show. She was the longest working host in the show. She used to bring humor along with an interesting political view every day to the show. 

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Whoopi first entered the show in 2007 and has been the main part of the show since then. On this new broadcast, Abby shares everything about her pregnancy.

She even shares how becoming a host improved her life and increased her self-esteem. And after so many  complications, Sunny Hostin and Jedidiah Bila became best friends on “The View.” 

What Does Jedediah Know About His Co-stars?

In this recent week’s episode ” Jedidiah shares Whoopi and Sunny helping her with racial conflicts and how helping her in discussing racial issues and how it had earlier affected Sunny when they had visited the Disney world

Later on, they discussed her regrets and also how she felt about leaving the show. On the other hand,” Matenopoulos also shares how he got the post at the age of 22 and how he began his career in the show. Matenopoulos even shares his experience about Live on Saturday nights. 

Sara Shares The Struggles of Her Life

Sara Haines had an amazing conversation with Raven and Candace. She shares everything about their struggles as a couple and how they overcame them. She shared that they used to face issues with certain communities and then the 2016 election changed their life completely.

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Further on Nicolle Wallace became a part of the show in 2014 with a strong career in politics. She was a co-host with Whoopi Goldberg, and they discussed how co-hosting for a year had impacted her life along with the counsel given by Barbara Walters when she was dismissed.

Why Is There Always an Argument Between Sara and Lisa?

Lisa Ling joined the show in 1999 and was in the show for 3 years. She along with her co-host Sara shared their time on the show. Both of them discussed the founder of the show, Barbara Walters, and shared some memories

Lisa shares about a program she regrets a lot about and also shares about the early days when she had joined the show.

Along with that Sherri Shepherd also shared her experience about the show as she had hosted the show for 7 years and shared her experiences on the show. She also shared the lessons she learned from Barbara Walters

For all such updates stay tuned with us and let us know your views about the show in the comments below.

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