Houston Officials Pick Internal Review of Astroworld Tragedy

This Monday an investigation was started regarding the death of 10 people at the Astroworld music festival. After the incident, the officers of the Houston-area rather decided to have a certain discussion with all the government officials regarding this case.

Lina Hidalgo the County Judge who is also the head office in the entire Harris County proposed a 3rd party planning. This area also includes Houston and it comes with the investigation being done for the 10 dead people. This festival was founded and handled by the famous superstar Travis Scott.

The administrator of  Harris County is planning to work with all other cities and entities to look for any security updates and all the plans related to the same. They are planning on having a closer look at the county-owned parks in the place where the festival took place.

Houston Officials Took Investigation Further for Astroworld Tragedy

In an interview, Hidalgo said that they are hoping that this search comes with some actionable results and he hopes that this does not lead to anything less important which can be forgotten easily. 

However, all the governing officials of Harris County’s governing, who are also called the court of commissioner’s, were even having concerns about the ongoing investigation and how it can affect the legal obligations of the entire place.

Houston officials pick
Houston officials pick

Till now a lot of legal actions have been taken for the accident that took place in the 5th November concert. After having many injured people and deaths a separate investigation has been going on regarding what all things took place at the exact place of crime. Even though no one has been charged yet the investigation is still on.

During the incident, the entire police department and the fire department of the city took charge of the place and had helped in crowd control and all other safety measures of the concert.

Moreover, all the officials in the safety investigation also say that having such an investigation will be better for a neutral outcome and maintaining the same transparency of the situation.

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After a lot of investigation, it was reported by the police that they have reviewed the surveillance video which was given by the promoter of the concert.

Along with the video, a lot of other small clips were shared as well on social media.  All the police officers have even planned to have certain conversations with the representatives of the concert.

Officers Searched All the Videos of the Astroworld Tragedy

After the incident, a total of three hundred people were injured and treated immediately on the exact site. After that 300 people were treated on-site for injuries at the show, and a total of 2 were immediately hospitalized.

And further going on a lot of questions were unanswered by the organizers of the concert. The total event plan for the Astroworld music festival contains a total of fifty-six page long events planned for the evening.

All the planning operations contained all the scenarios that might take place such as bomb attacks, shooters, or terrorist attacks, or extreme weather conditions. However, that plan didn’t include what shall be done in the place of the overbearing crowds. 

This incident was a very heartbreaking accident at the concert. A total of 10 people were dead which also included a 9-year-old boy and the eldest one was 27 years old. And all the other deaths have not been informed yet. Till then stay updated with us and get all the updated news about such incidents.

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Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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