What is Andrea Thompson Age; the Mother of Tristan Thompson?

The Canadian American professional basketball player “Tristan Thompson” is mourning the sudden death of his mother but ardent fans are more curious about Andrea Thompson age!

Famously known as the mother of Khloé Kardashian’s ex boyfriend, there is surprisingly little to no information about Andrea Thompson on the internet except some words of appreciation that we often hear from the NBA player for his beloved mother.

Though the larger audience is saddened by the passing of Andrea Thompson, many people are curious about Tristan Thompson’s mother who was not only quite close to the Kardashians but was praised by all who knew her on a personal basis.

Well, fear not! Here are all the details that you need to know about the NBA player’s mother; Andrea Thompson age, cause of death, relationship with her son and his ex’s family and whatnot.

Just keep on reading the article to find answers to all of your burning questions!

Andrea Thompson Age: What is the Age of Tristan Thompson’s Mom?
Andrea Thompson Age: What is the Age of Tristan Thompson’s Mom?

What was the Andrea Thompson Age?

As per reports, Andrea Thompson age, the mother of Tristan Thompson was 49 years old. However, Thompson family has not revealed the exact age yet.

With that being said, Tristan Thompson’s mother’s exact age is still not known to the world as both of his parents lived a very private life.

Thus, no personal accounts or online profiles have come to the surface either that could reveal any further information regarding his dead mother.

But it is safe to assume that she would have been at least forty nine years old at the time of her death if she had her thirty one year old eldest son at the ripe age of eighteen.

Still, Andrea Thompson age is yet to be disclosed by her close friends and family members and when that happens we will update you all as soon as possible.

So, till then, stay tuned!

What was Andrea Thompsons Cause of Death?

Andrea Thompson unexpectedly passed away on 5th January, 2023 due to a massive cardiac arrest. 

As per some reports, it has been said that the star player’s mom was rushed to a nearby hospital after having a sudden heart attack at home on Thursday, 5th of January.

However, the doctors were not able to save her even after numerous attempts and she was finally pronounced dead.

The news about Tristan Thompson’s mother’s death first emerged from Toronto on Friday, 6th of January.

Did Tristan Thompson Comment on his Mother’s death?

No, Tristen Thompson has not commented on his mother’s passing away yet, but it has been reported that he quickly left for Toronto after hearing about the whole situation.

Which, if you ask me, is quite understandable as it has been only a few days since his mother died and he probably might be busy mourning his terrible loss.

Thus, it is still too soon for him to come to social media and address his beloved mother’s death.

However, many other celebrities (including Kris Jenner) have expressed their final condolences on their social media handles over his loss.

How was Andrea Thompson Relationship with Tristan Thompson?

Tristan Thomspon happens to have a strong bond with his mother, Andrea Thompson. He never failed to profess his love and affection for his mother whenever he got the chance. In an interview in 2016, he revealed that despite living in Los Angeles and four hours away from home, he talks to his mother every single day to check on “how the kids are doing” and “ask how she is doing, too.”

He further highlighted that Andrea Thompson is an excellent mother who puts her sons before herself and is not shy to sacrifice her own needs for her children.

Over the years, she has been the best mom that all of her four sons can ever ask for but unfortunately their mother has now left the world for good.

How was Andrea Thompson Relationship with the Kardashians?

It seems that Andrea Thompson and the Kardashians have maintained their good terms throughout Khloé and Tristan’s tumultuous relationship timeline as the Kardashian-Jenner family were not hesitant to stand beside NBA player to support him in his tough time.

Kris Jenner shared great words on her social media handle in respect to his beloved mother. Referring to Andrea as a “blessing” to her family and a “beautiful angel” who always possessed a “bright spirit” that lightened everyones day with her charm.

Not only that, a source claims that Khloé Kardashian (with whom Tristan Thompson has two kids) also accompanied him as the two flew together on his private plane to his Toronto home to attend funeral ceremonies.

Besides that, it has also been reported that Khloé Kardashian had profound love for Tristan Thompson’s mother and “she and her entire family will always be there for him” when he needs them.

One way or another, both the families have proved to the world that they will always be there for each other no matter what.

Wrap Up:

Hope you found your answer to the question: What is Andrea Thompson age? Once we get out hands on further details, we will update you asap. Till then, visit our website and read more of such articles to know more.

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