A Novel Based on the Life of Nancy Drew Alums of Riverdale and Supergirl Join Tom Swift’s Cast

Katy Keene and Riverdale starring Ashleigh Murray are going to be back on the CW.  She is going to be back as the female lead who would be opposite  Tian Richards who worked as Tom Swift in Nancy Drew spin-off.  Tom Swift had been ordered for a series from Nancy Drew.  This show is co-created and produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. 

This new spinner of Nancy Drew is selecting its cast for the show the Riverdale and super girls cast members.  Lauren Haley played by April Parker Jones in the second season of Supergirl and  Ashleigh Murray Katy Keene in River dale had further joined Tom Swift for the show.

Other than these characters Marquise Vilson (who was starred in Blindspot), and Albert Mwangi ( who was starred in Bump)  has previously joined the show as announced by the makers of the series. This show has been further co-created by Melinda Hsu Taylor, Cameron Johnson, and Noga Landau.

Nancy Drew Series Starring Tom Swift Adds Riverdale, Supergirl Alums

Lorraine Swift is played by Jones who is acting as Tom’s mother in the show. This character has been described as a royal character who must have a kind heart and her relationship with his son would be very close and loving.  However, after his fathers his father got disappeared there was some misunderstanding between them. 

Further on Murray would be seen playing Zenzi. He would be a very efficient and dedicated character in the series.  He would be Tom’s childhood best friend and treat him as a family. Other than that she would be the only person who could handle Tom in any phase of his.


Isaac Vega will be played by Vilson who is, Tom’s bodyguard. This character is described as a trans character who would be  Pansexual and an Ultimate badass.  He would be having feelings for Tom but he never let those feelings get in the way of his loyalty and duty towards Tom. Rowan will be played by Mwangi. He would be a member of Security working for congressmen in terms of Empire.  His character is described as a domain or who would be hiding all about his past and must have his interest in Tom.

Tom would be following will be having adventurous billionaire life would be a thrust in the world.  After the unexplained phenomena that happened regarding his father’s disappearance, Tom went on a mission to find the actual truth leaving all his comfort and Royal Lifestyle behind. 

He would be seen one step ahead of the Alumina and planning on tactically fighting them when they used to stop him from finding out the truth.  Tom’s mission would require innovation and genius tactics. He would be following a path full of love, adventure, friendship, and a lot of mysteries to solve. The series would also introduce Barclays the backdoor Pilot who would be Toms’s friend and confident in his entire journey.  Tom has been signed up for the entire series of this novel.

This upcoming series will be produced and written by Melina Hsu Taylor and Nancy Drew. Along with that the co-creator Noga Landau and Cameron Johnson will also be in the show.  The project will also be produced by  Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz along with Nancy Drew.

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Abhimanyu Sangwan
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