2021 makes software development different from software construction

Software development is a high trend nowadays, and there are a lot of directions connected with it. To get excellent results must be seen professional approach. As for construction software development, it should be carried out by a team with great experience, who can guarantee the result up to the expectations.

There are already a lot of developers and more and more. They practically took over the IT sphere. They create applications in different programming languages using other frameworks.

Most of the people nowadays involved in development are more likely to assemble a constructor from pieces of code already created by someone. They know where to find these pieces, how to apply them, where to insert them. Most often, developers work with a specific framework, write in a language they know well. They may know this framework and this language ideally, but they are practically not interested in others since they do not need it to work.

Developers don’t dive into the depths and dissect every piece of code to know how it works. It is enough for them that this piece works for sure.

The developer, in principle, may not be burning with the idea. His work may well not cause him much enthusiasm and not be the work of his whole life, and the quality of the product will not change. The project will comply with the terms of reference and will be delivered on time.


Programmers, on the other hand, are very curious. They are interested in how everything works and down to the smallest detail. Using one language in his work, the programmer probably knows a couple more. They live by their own business; this is both work and a hobby for them. They read the source code of interest programs and new articles by leading experts (including scientific results). Communicate with colleagues in specialized forums. Programmers try to cover as many areas of knowledge as possible and organize them into one system.

In their work, such people will try to improve their product as much as possible, and since improvement is a continuous process, the release may never come out. Being engaged in some project, the programmer may well abandon it, having completed, perhaps, the most challenging part (in practice, the most interesting for the programmer himself). Some may even dive into the study of the tools that will be needed in work, but it never comes to the work itself.

How to determine and whom to choose?

Most of the developers are ready to carry out tasks of any level of difficulty.

Determining who is in front of you, according to Felix, is quite simple. During the interview, it is worth asking a question that is not directly related to the field of activity of the potential employee. Ask a JavaScript expert about Python and vice versa. The developer will most likely not know the answers, and the programmer will plunge into reasoning.

And here, it is essential to remember why you need this specialist. If you want to create something unique, a programmer is better suited. You may need to hire a whole staff to finish the product, but that will be later. If you need to create something typical quickly, no one can do better than a developer.

It should also not be forgotten that humans are complex creatures. Their interests and hobbies change, and the programmer may well be engaged in the development, and the developer can get carried away by some topic and immerse himself in it completely.



Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.

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