5 Online Marketing Tips for Startups In 2020

Starting something on your own is huge! However, do you know what’s more complicated than starting something? Well, it is ensuring that you run it properly and make it successful. Today, the market place is connected globally digitally. And when everything is digitally connected, you cannot simply afford to miss the online marketing of your brand. 

You can make the presence of your startup felt through online marketing. This will not only fetch the attention of potential investors but also will help you to attract customers. If you are looking forward to do online marketing for your startup, then this article is for you. We will be discussing the top 5 online marketing tips that you can use for growing your startup. 

5 Online Marketing Tips For The Success Of Your Startup 

1. Create a consistent brand image

You need to portray a consistent brand image of your startup when you are doing online marketing of your brand. It is because, you need to deliver a clear meaning to the audience regarding your startup. What is the niche of your startup? What problem does your startup solve? This is what your brand image should say. 

Also, for creating a brand image, you will have to make sure that you create a logo for your startup. Once you have the logo, use it to create a familiarity among the audience. 

2. Roll out creative content

In this information era if you want to grab the attention of your audience, you have no other option but to roll out creative content. You need to roll out creative content for your brand continually. The content that you are creating should align with the mission of your startup. Plus, you need to keep your audience engaged. Always remember that your content should add value to your customers. 

3. Curate video content

Currently, videos are in trend and it has become a valuable marketing tool. Videos offer a powerful way to communicate your brand message and tell the world about the mission of your brand. You can use video content in both Facebook and Instagram which are both very popular platform. Also, you should try doing Facebook Live and Instagram Live to engage with your audience in a better manner. Also, such videos in your website improves the its ranking in the search engine. 

4. Use social media platforms to promote yourself 

If you want to mark your online presence, you have to include social media marketing as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

You can use social media platforms for:

  •  Creating brand awareness
  •  Engage with a large audience group 
  •  Lead generation 
  •  Conversion

Now a day, Facebook allows you to engage yourself with the audience through the Messenger. And Facebook Messenger has an open rate of 88 percent. 

5. Focus on SEO 

When someone enters the name of your startup, do you want your company’s website to appear in the very first link? If yes, then you have to focus on the SEO of your website. While working on the SEO, you have to pay equal attention to both on-site and off-site SEO. 

When your website is SEO optimized, you can organically attract much traffic to your website. It is important that you keep checking the Google update, to know that you are optimizing the website as per the latest norms. 

Wrap Up 

The perfect online marketing will appeal to your audience and will expand the online presence of your startup. This will further allow the growth of your startup. However, there is no particular standard way of doing online marketing. You can use our tips, but you will have to experiment with different ways of online marketing and apply the one that works for you.


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi always remains passionate towards innovation and his love for gadgets has been exhibited in his writing. His knack to learn more and more had turned him too passionate towards learning. His learning attitude had shaped him as a perfect writer, He writes about technology, gadgets, blogging, smartphone tips and tricks and software reviews.

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