2 Broke Girls Season 7 – Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

2 Broke Girls Season 7 was cancelled, and this news is leaving many fans heartbroken. 2 Broke Girls was a unique sitcom that was a breath of fresh air for many. Featuring Kat Dennings and Beth Behr, the series first premiered in September 2011 on CBS after winning a network berth.

2 Broke Girls was the brainchild of Whitney Cummings, a standup comedian. The series managed to connect with the viewers immediately, but critics gave it a mixed review. The sitcom was cancelled in 2017 after six seasons, and according to reports, there will be no Season 7.

The cancellation of 2 Broke Girls Season 7 not only shocked the fans but also the cast and crew members involved in the series. No one imagined that 2 Broke Girls Season 6 would be the last season of the series. Many people are wondering why Season 7 was cancelled.

TV Critics Hated 2 Broke Girls Season 7

According to reports, 2 Broke Girls was hated by the V critics. The Holly Reporter wrote that the series was the disappointing sitcom of the fall. Even though the series had the potential to be better, it was described as a sitcom that looked cheap and was filled with unfunny jokes.

Vulture too criticized 2 Broke Girls while writing that why the jokes have to be so mean. Many TV critics came united to declare that sitcom was only good for a cheap chuckle.

During the press tour season of 2 Broke Girls in January 2012, the journalists attacked the stars and the producers at the Television Critics Association. They basically questioned the makers for their sexual innuendos and racial stereotypes. In 2015, it was declared that the series had lost its momentum, and finally, the TV critics started questioning if 2 Broke Girls was the worst sitcom ever made for television.

TV Critics Hated 2 Broke Girls Season 7
TV Critics Hated 2 Broke Girls Season 7

The series had many characters that were announced problematic because of their racist approach. Apart from being criticized for its racist stereotype, the sitcom was also criticized for its flat jokes. The Washington Post in 2017 declared 2 Broke Girls as the filthiest show on network television. It also went ahead to upset its audiences so much so that formal complaints were made to the Federal Communications Commission. According to reports by AdWeek, there were 91 complaints to the Federal Communications Commission regarding the show.

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The Ratings Kept Dropping

When the 2 Broke Girls Season 6 was wrapped up, there was no buzz about 2 Broke Girls Season 7. The show apparently had an average of 5.62 million viewers per episode, which was comparable with other comedy shows like Life in Pieces and Man with a Plan. Even though the numbers looked solid for 2 Broke Girls, it was actually following a declining trend.

The Ratings Of 2 Broke Girls Kept Dropping
The Ratings Of 2 Broke Girls Kept Dropping

For instance, the pilot episode of 2 Broke Girls Season 6 had 6.3 million total viewers, but it dropped to 4.5 million viewers in the season finale. Two million viewers dropped between the first and the last episode of 2 Broke Girls Season 6 indicating that the viewers were losing interest in the series.

Also, there have been reports that intense negotiations happened between the studio and network regarding Season 7. The negotiation came from the fact that even though Warner Bros was earning quite a profit from the show, CBS actually had no ownership stake and received none of the profits that 2 Broke Girls Season 7 made. After the negotiation, finally, 2 Broke Girls Season 7 was cancelled. Many factors played a key role in the cancellations of Season 7, and it is confirmed now that there will be no 2 Broke Girls Season 7.

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