12 Things You Need To Know About Walker from Yellowstone

Paramount Network’s Yellowstone truly made headlines back in 2020. Yellowstone – a masterpiece created by Taylor Sheridon and John Linson is an American neo-western drama that revolves around John Dutton III, the sixth in generation and the owner of the largest contiguous Ranch in the United States.

The family endured trouble as well as deadly consequences from rivals encroaching on the land because of shared borders. John’s children Jamie, Beth, Kacey are other characters that create ripples throughout the show with a clear tiff resurfacing between Jamie and Beth. This family drama became a huge hit reflecting deeply on legacy, relationships and dealing with rivalries.

Who was Walker Yellowstone?

Walker on Yellowstone is an ex-convict, who’s recruited by Rip. Destiny brings him into the mainstay of the Yellowstone Ranch’s bunkhouse where a new journey begins for him.

This is a guy next door with killer looks, who is fearless, smart yet buttery from inside. In every season, his astoundingly dapper get-ups had a wow factor. To all Walker fans, we must say his care-free, sophisticated yet contained fashion sense was just one of the highlights of his character!

Let’s dig in about Who is Walker on Yellowstone and how the creator wove this fellow’s character, aligning it spectacularly with the storyline. Some fans asked, does Walker die in Yellowstone or not, to which we can say no for now but he surely seems like a magnet to every trouble out there!

The effortlessly handsome and one heck of a badass, Walker gave us all some major style inspos this year. Who can forget his signature plaid apparel which all fans witnessed him carry so charmingly. His cowboy jacket flaunted with his nonchalant body language, is a garment that looks chic and unerringly comfortable for anyone who must do physical exertion, under the sun.

Some Undiscovered Yellowstone’s Walker Fact You’d Love to know

Walker in Yellowstone has donned a gray double breasted button coat in a pleasant way from time and again. Like his personality, the charcoal color not just aligns with his past but depicts a much deeper variety about him being a real man of character.

1. He Loves “Grays”

He Loves “Grays”
He Loves “Grays” source:@ChanelKH22

Walker in Yellowstone has donned a gray double breasted button coat in a pleasant way from time and again. Like his personality, the charcoal color not just aligns with his past but depicts a much deeper variety about him being a real man of character.

2. Playful Plaid Shirts

The lad flaunted a variety of plaid playful shirts which unapologetically conveyed about the romantic side of the musician. This side slightly pours out as he sings at the bar and ladies notice him for his talent. He surely made us fall in love with how to style flannel plaid shirts.

Playful Plaid Shirts
Playful Plaid Shirts source:@cinemablend

3. A Melodious Voice

The aspiring cowboy Walker from Yellowstone is a great  singer  and guitarist who loves singing “Hallelujah,”. An interesting fact about Ryan Bingham who played Walker’s role was that the actor himself sang in his melodious voice for the show.

A Melodious Voice
A Melodious Voice source:@ChanelKH22

4. Has a Million-Dollar Smile

He smiled less throughout the show but when he did, that million-dollar smile said it all.

Has a Million-Dollar Smile
Has a Million-Dollar Smile @scorpiodiosa

5. Big Mouth

He swears, he shrugs, he acts like a carefree teenager and then he swears again. His big mouth would never closes because it always has to starts or end with ‘Fuck it’ which really kept the audiance amused at times.

Big Mouth
Big Mouth source:@scorpiodiosa

6. An overthinker

How can we forget the iconic scene which is somewhat melancholic as to what life has to offer him this time. Walker is often seen observing and absorbing things around him which makes him analyze things with depth.

An overthinker
An overthinker source: @scorpiodiosa

7. Doesn’t want to work on the Ranch

He’s not lazy but he doesn’t want to work on the Ranch and clearly was not interested in the Duttons’ internal matters. What made matters worse for him is that he kept running his mouth, creating huge tensions with others.

Doesn’t want to work on the Ranch
Doesn’t want to work on the Ranch source:@scorpiodiosa

8. Plays Guitar like a pro

With his modish cowboy hat on, he plays tunes that say it all. Knowing his way around the strings of a guitar, Walker fans couldn’t agree more that he plays tunes that make us wanna groove. Walker, you’ve really nailed it at playing that instrument!

Plays Guitar like a pro
Plays Guitar like a pro source:@krivenbark62

9. Can’t let go of Montana

Walker from Yellowstone had the real flavor of a man who is not a runner but someone who’s quite brave. Somehow the strings of his heart got attached in Montana, which was something new for him to discover about himself

Can’t let go of Montana
Can’t let go of Montana source:@universaljacket

10. A Man who’s Steadfast

In some  instances Walker was made to do things against his values and wishes, like manipulating others. Such events reflected his personality trait. He’s steadfast, firm and someone with the right morals.  We couldn’t be more impressed by his dialogues, gestures and body language.

A Man who’s Steadfast
A Man who’s Steadfast source:@needsomefun

11. He doesn’t like bloodshed

Strikingly, though he is an ex-felon, the audience loves his courageous demeanor. He expressed his stance of absolutely no tolerance when it comes to violence and bloodshed that caused much stir in his life previously.

He doesn’t like bloodshed
He doesn’t like bloodshed source:@ChanelKH22

12. Singer loves to accessorize

In several episodes the branded and of course dapper Walker wears his signature sunglasses and gallace. Even a half-sleeve button-down shirt paired with a gallace absolutely had the girls smitten. On other instances  his Yellowstone jacket, charcoal shirt and leather belts turned fans into online shopaholics!

Singer loves to accessorize
Singer loves to accessorize source:@wocountry


To wrap it up, Walker had been a true delight for our eyes. The man has wit, he has ethics and the musician expresses it with his swag, “Looks like it’s me again”. Yellowstone wouldn’t have been outstanding without his personality and fans couldn’t get enough of his neat get-ups.


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