Young Royals Season 2: When is it going to happen?

Young Royals is one of the most happening teen dramas on Netflix right now. This Swedish drama portrays the life of a Swedish prince who is split between love and duty. Lisa Ambjörn is behind creating this coming-of-age drama that follows the life of the young prince Wilhelm when he’s staying at the Hillerska Boarding school. Hillerska is a boarding school for the elite where the crème de la crème of the society freely reigns. Even though season 1 of the series just hit Netflix on July 1st, it has left fans asking for more. Of course, all the fans are already intrigued about Young Royals season 2, and when is it coming out?

Therefore, to answer fans’ queries regarding the future of Wilhelm and Simon, we did some investigation and dug up some info. So, let’s take a look at it!

Young Royals Season 2 Expected Release Date

Although there’s no official confirmation from Netflix whether Young Royals will be coming back with a season 2 or not, given season 1’s popularity, we have to declare by royal decree that the show has to return for the second season. 

Netflix shows usually take a year or more to come back with a second season. So, we can expect Young Royals season 2 to come out around July 2022 or August 2022. But you can assume to see a trailer in as early as June. 

Moreover, Netflix has to speed things up because all the actors are in their growing age, and if a long gap is taken, they’ll look completely different in season 2.

Young Royals Season 2

Who will be returning in Season 2?

As far as the cast for season 2 goes, Well, we will be seeing his Highness Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and the dreamy Simon (Omar Rudberg). Malte Gårdinger will be coming back as August, Frida Argento as Sara, Nikita Uggla as Felice. Other than them, we’ll also be seeing the Queen (Pernilla August), Nathalie Varli as Madison, and Carmen Gloria Perez as Linda.

Well, we won’t be seeing Ivar Forsling Crown Prince Erik as he’s already dead, but we still expect to see him few flashbacks. 

Young Royals Season 2 Plot What can you expect?

We’re well aware that The last episode of season 1 has laid a strong ground for potential season 2. After August leaked the video clip of Wilhelm and Simon making out, the pair’s relationship is put through harsh tests. To save the face of the royal family, Wilhelm was convinced by his mother to deny that it was him in the video with Simon.

This created a feeling of betrayal in Simon. Because Wilhelm just left him to face the consequences alone, as his face was clearly visible in the video. Additionally, when Wilhelm proposed to keep their relationship secret because it could damage the crown’s image. However, we see that Simon disagrees and ends their relationship for good. But as we clearly saw at the ending of the season, how openly Wilhelm hugs Simon in public and how he responds clearly show that they both have deep feelings. Moreover, the way Wilhelm publicly embraces Simon shows that he’s becoming more confident in his love. So, we can expect to see their love budding in the upcoming season. 

This also makes us wonder will Wilhelm stand up to his mother to defend his love for Simon or not. As the duo will be spending a lot of time together at Hillerska. We expect to see some steaming romantic senses and sexually tense moments in season 2. However, this all speculation can only turn into reality if Simon can forgive Wilhelm for what he did. Well, we’ve got a gut feeling that he already did the moment Willy hugged him lovingly in front of the whole school.   

When Can We Anticipate Seeing a Trailer?

As mentioned earlier, Netflix hasn’t officially greenlit a sequel. We’re just making guesses based on the available information and stats that we have gathered so far. Therefore, you can’t see a trailer for young royals season 2 anytime soon. 

However, as we have already said, a potential season 2 will arrive sometime around August and July of the following year. So you can expect to see a trailer around June.

So, this all we have got regarding the Young Royals Season 2 so far. But fret not. As soon as we hear something about it, we’ll inform you guys. So, hold on tight and enjoy season 1 all over again while waiting patiently for season 2. 

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