Yellowstone Season 5 teaser reveal promises something big!

Yellowstone Season 5 teaser reveal has put fans into a state of worry! As it looks like something concerning is going on with Kayce and Jamie. The 5th season will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the Dutton family, and we are all here for it! The past four seasons proved to be a delight to watch. Its popularity is well deserved because of how much the cast and crew have worked hard for its production. Below we have analyzed the trailer! The details that you might have missed must be in the article below.

Yellowstone Season 5 teaser details

Beth Dutton was doing quite well in the latest season that we watched. She is not only married to her long-term love interest but also has prepared her relationship with her father. The actress has also hinted at the fact that the upcoming season will be a good one for her character. 

But of course, something or the other will go south for her! Especially now that she almost knows Jamie killed his biological father, things will become a bit complicated now. Caroline Warner and Beth Dutton will be against each other. As we saw in the previous season, Warner has already given a warning that she’ll replace the Dutton family house with a public restroom. So, in a way, her life at home is perfect. But her relations with others are deteriorating. And she must take some action to stop the damage. 

Yellowstone Season 5 teaser details
Yellowstone Season 5 teaser details

Jamie is now involved with John and Beth. In season 5, his condition will only become worse. The man has even more dirt on his name. Will he be able to hide the brutal reality of him killing his own father? As Beth has almost connected the dots. And it won’t take her any longer to figure out the whole situation. Garrett Randall’s body is waiting for someone to find it. And if this happens, Jamie will be in grave danger. Will the 5th season be the end for him? Well, from the pace of events, it does look like this! 

The teaser was just 15 seconds long, but by looking at the faces of Dutton family members, we got a clear idea of what to expect from the show. Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere in November. It will have 14 episodes in total! This season has the highest number of episodes since 2018. 

The tagline of the trailer was ‘All Will Be Revealed’, which is much to think about! The Dutton family will now have to gear up and put up a strong fight to protect their ranch from the dangers lurking around the corner. Plus, with the various expressions that we got to see throughout the footage, it looks like the story will shock us even more than the 4th season’s finale, as the footage was too short to figure out the problem. Fans were quick to make assumptions. One such theory is that Malcolm Beck will return as the new threat to the Dutton family. But you must be wondering why he died in the previous season. But as the writers never confirmed his death, it might be possible. 


Umama Siddiqui
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