World of Warcraft Will Allow Horde and Alliance Players to Play Together at Last

World of Warcraft, which has been enjoyed by the players for more than 18 years, is known for its division between the Alliance and Horde players. For many years the players wanted the Alliance and Horde players to come together to play but it has been a dream for many years but finally, it is coming to reality. 

According to sources, the division between Alliance and Horde players will no longer be there and the players can come together to play and the developers are working for an update for the same. The upcoming update is expected to allow the Alliance and Horde players to come together for rate PvP, raids, and dungeons. The change is expected to come in the upcoming 9.2.5 updates. 

Bringing Together Alliance And Horde Players Will Be Tough 

The current set-up of World of Warcraft is a result of more than two decades of coding and therefore, bringing together Alliance and Horde players is expected to be tough and the team is ready to work on it. The teaming up facility will not be available through the entire range of games and patches of the work will be visible in the 9.2.5 update and it will take more time for the updates and the new plans to hit the entire game of World of Warcraft. 

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The barriers between the players will be available in the Public Test Realm with the 9.2.5 update and the players will have to wait for some more time to play together in the entire game. 

Will There Be Any Restrictions In The Update?

Even though the upcoming update will allow Alliance and Horde players to come together in World of Warcraft, it will have its limitations. The limitation is important because the entire game of World of Warcraft is somehow based on the division of the Alliance and Horde players. Most of the storylines of the game have worked on this division where the players need to fight in the two groups against each other. 

In the upcoming update, the players will have the freedom to invite players of the opposing group via BattleTag and RealID if they are already friends. Further, the players can be invited via the cross-faction community. The Group Finder tool can be used for making premade groups and the applications can be opened up to the members of both their own and the two factions.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Communicating with the other players will be possible through party chat which will be allowed together in a party and in addition to that, inside the instance, the players can trade items, earn the achievement and play together. 

The limitations come into action in the activities associated with guilds and random matchmaking. This simply means that even if the players are together at a party, they will carry a hostile flavor against each other when out in the world. 

For a long time, the cross-faction play was demanded by the community of World of Warcraft, and the process to fulfill the demand for the same began in the 9.1.5 update but the actual manifestation will be seen in the upcoming updates. The date for the update has yet not been announced. 

Why Is World Of Warcraft Considering Cross-Faction Now?

The demand for cross-faction has been there for a long time but it was not considered till now and therefore, one might ask why the idea of cross-faction is finally considered? The simple answer to it lies in the fact that the fundamentals of World of Warcraft are examined.

Previously, the assumption about how character progression should take place was rigid and it was thought that the game should be only about Horde versus Alliance and therefore, the request of the community members was previously denied. 

However, the same was challenged by the communication change that has been taking place between the players outside the realm of World of Warcraft.

Previously, the friends met through the game but now, the bond that the players are sharing with each other is changing and they are bonding in other platforms like Twitter and Discords and it has become tough to maintain a boundary between both the teams. Therefore, a need to change the long tradition of the game was felt to meet the real need of the members. 

Even though World of Warcraft has taken the first step for cross-faction, it is not entirely ready to eliminate all the factions because it will totally go against the fundamentals of the game. The current step is to promote cooperative play amongst the players while giving them the power to define their own boundaries. 

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