Who is Shannon? All About NBA Star Anthony Edwards girlfriend

NBA Star Anthony Edwards and his girlfriend went public with their relationship a while back. But in a strange turn of events, the two are recently gaining the attention of many. All eyes are on Shannon because who is this woman who managed to win over the heart of a famous athlete? If you also have the same questions, we got it all covered about Anthony Edwards’s Girlfriend.

Anthony Edwards Girlfriend

Anthony Edwards girlfriend

Anthony Edwards girlfriend, Shannon, is a social media influencer. A while back, she posted a picture of herself with Edwards on her Instagram, making it official. Fast-forward to 2024, and the two are now closer than ever.

Just like Shannon, Edwards has never stopped himself from publicly talking about her better half. In fact, in 2023, when he performed exceptionally well by scoring a season-high 44 points, including eight 3-pointers against the Houston Rockets, the NBA star dedicated this win to Shannon. After putting on a great show, Edwards revealed in a post-match interview that his girlfriend was flying out of the country, so Shannon wouldn’t be with him for her birthday. Hence, he had to do it well for her. You can watch that video here:

When it comes to grand gestures, Shannon and Anthony are in a league of their own. Multiple sightings have shown Shannon supporting her boyfriend by sitting on the courtsides.

She’s a popular figure with approximately 120,000 Instagram followers. 

It is not a big deal for Anthony to go viral. Multiple instances shocked not just the game’s fans but also people who viewed athlete’s matches’ clips on social media. And whenever he goes viral, Shannon is the one who supports him the most.

Anthony Edwards Girlfriend Children

Anthony Edwards and Jeanine Robel Kid

The lucky couple also welcomed a daughter together in March 2024. While Shannon was giving birth, Edwards was playing on the court. However, he abandoned the match midway and rushed to the hospital—a moment that captured the hearts of millions!

Shannon later revealed the baby’s initials to be AJE via her Instagram. Before the baby’s birth, the proud parents also threw a lavish baby shower in February to celebrate their happiness. This event was attended by many of Edwards’ teammates, like Karl-Anthony Towns, Kyle Anderson, Jordan McLaughlin, and Luke Garza.


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The social media personality also shares a son with rapper Chief Keef. Her son’s name is Krue! On Mother’s Day, Shannon posted heartfelt pictures of Krue with her baby sister. The caption perfectly encapsulated her feelings towards her children.

Well, that was everything you needed to know about Anthony Edwards girlfriend. If we receive any new information, we’ll update this site. So, remember to bookmark it!


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