Who is Mallory Edens – Bucks Owner’s Daughter?

Mallory Edens, the rumored girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, is the daughter of billionaire and co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens. Her father is also the co-owner of Premier League team Aston Villa. Despite coming from a family of money, Mallory Edens is trying to create a name for herself through her social media, modeling career, and activism. 

Mallory is also a graduate from Princeton University. She was a part of the class of 2018 and played sports wholeheartedly during her time there. She was a part of the women’s track team as well as the women’s field team.

Model Mallory Edens

Now, let’s dive into further details about who Mallory Edens really is. After all, there is much more to her than being the daughter of a billionaire.

Mallory Edens Career as a Model


Mallory Edens currently works as a model. She has been represented by many modeling agencies, such as Women Management Los Angeles and Ford Models. In her short modeling career, she has already modeled for Allesandra Rich and Alaïa. Additionally, she often posts professional pictures of herself on Instagram and credits the photographers who shot them. 

Mallory Edens as an Activist

Mallory Eden

Besides being a model and attending basketball games, Mallory Edens is also an activist. In 2018, she helped in a wildfire fundraiser and tweeted about it.

In 2017, she wrote an op-ed for Time, The Problem with Pink Sports Jerseys. Through this op-ed Mallory spoke about the discrimination in sports regarding women. She shared her experience while interning for her father’s team, Milwaukee Bucks, and the problem she found with the team’s sports marketing. She was stunned to see how pink jerseys were made especially for female fans. She further shared that while there was nothing wrong with the color pink, the main problem was how women were being limited to a specific color.

Mallory’s Controversy with Drake

Mallory Edens controversy with drake

In the past, Mallory Edens has been in the spotlight due to her controversy with Drake. Both Drake and Mallory are diehard basketball fans but support different teams. Drake is a Toronto Raptors fan and has appeared several times on the court supporting them. Mallory, on the other hand, supports her father’s team, the Milwaukee Bucks.

So, during the 2019 NBA playoffs, Mallory wore a shirt featuring Pusha T, who’s had a beef with Drake and famously dropped a diss track titled “The Story of Adidon” in 2018. Drake responded on social media by commenting under Mallory’s Instagram post (in which she shared pictures from the game) and even changing his DP for some time to that of Mallory’s picture.

Mallory Edens and drake contro

He even posted a story with Mallory’s picture from the game, saying, “All is fair in war and war, and trust me, I’ll still get you tickets to OVO fest.” However, in November 2019, Mallory cleared the air and told ESPN that she had no beef with Drake and that the two were okay.

Mallory Edens Relationship Status

Mallory Edens boyfriend

Mallory is rumored to be in a casual relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The two have known each other for a very long time and even attended several games together. In 2019, Mallory spoke about Aaron to ESPN and shared that he has good terms with her family. She also went on to say that her father and Aaron are friends.

But now, according to the rumor mill, Mallory and Aaron have decided to be more than just friends. Mallory even attended Aaron’s debut with the New York Jets in September 2023 to show her support.


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