What Happens To My Bet If the Match Is Cancelled or Postponed?

Fireworks on the field, weather conditions, and chants. All things that can cause a match to be abandoned. If a match is abandoned, many people wonder what happens next. This is also a frequently asked question when betting on sports because what do the non GamStop bookmakers do if a match is canceled?

A match can be abandoned at different times and for different reasons. We are going to look at the conditions at the different non GamStop bookmakers, and we distinguish between three different moments when the match can be abandoned:

  • Before the match
  • During the match (until the 79th minute)
  • During the match (after the 80th minute)

What Do the Non-GamStop Bookmakers Do If the Match Is Cancelled?

If a match is canceled, the bookmakers not on GameStop are pretty unanimous. If the match is not resumed or made up within 48 hours, bets will be void at almost all bookmakers. It differs per bookmaker whether this is 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours. There are, of course, still some exceptions to this, but in general, that is what you can assume. In the terms and conditions of the various bookmakers, we see the following times:

What Happens To My Bet If the Match Is Cancelled or Postponed?

Within What Period Must a Match Be Made Up?

Bookmaker Twinky Win, therefore, differs the most from the other bookmakers in terms of conditions. At Twinky Win, federations must make up their matches within five days. Failure to do so will result in bets being void. Bookmakers Winner Casino and Slottio Casino want to see matches resumed as soon as possible, 12 hours after the match has been canceled.

If you have used a bet on a canceled match in a combination bet, the odds of that bet will be adjusted to 1.00. You will then continue to play the combination without the canceled match.

Yummy Wins Casino

Yummy Wins Casino is the only bookmaker that still does a split when a match is abandoned. The rules of the bookmaker state that the match must have been played for at least 80 minutes. If that is the case, then the standings of that moment will count as the match’s final result. Will the match be abandoned before the 80th minute? Then the bets will be void.

If a match is canceled, it must still be played at Yummy Wins within two days. Are there more than 48 hours between the time of the make-up match and the time the match was initially scheduled to be played? Then the bet will be declared void.

Twinky Win

As mentioned, Twinky Win differs from all other bookmakers not on GameStop when a match is canceled. With a waiting period of five days after the original play time, Twinky Win is the party that has been waiting for the longest. Should the new playing date be known within a few hours, the bet will be settled as soon as possible. If the new match date falls within five days, the bet will remain open, and the match time will be adjusted. The bet will be void if the new play date falls outside the five days.

Unlike Yummy Wins Casino, Twinky Win always voids bets on abandoned matches.

A match not played or postponed will be considered a non-runner for bet settlement purposes unless the match is played within five days of the original match start time. In this case, the bet will stand, provided it is not canceled by mutual consent.

Bets placed on a match abandoned before the 90 minutes have been completed will be void. Exceptions are bets where the result is already determined when staking. The market must be entirely determined for bets to stand. For example, bets on the ‘1st Goalscorer’ or ‘Time of 1st Goal’ stand provided a goal was already scored at the time of the tie.

90 minutes of play in Twinky Win rules: All match markets are settled on the result at the end of 90 minutes of play unless otherwise stated. This includes injury time but does not include overtime or penalty kicks.

Slottio Casino

Players of Slottio Casino have to wait the least long after a game has been abandoned or canceled. The bet will be void if the match is not made up or resumed within twelve hours.

In the event of a game being canceled, all bets placed before the cancellation that cannot change regardless of future events will be decided based on the result. If the canceled event is not resumed within 12 hours of the start time, all current offers related to the event will be deemed invalid.

If an event is aborted and is to be replayed, all bets placed before the first match which could not be settled before the first match has been abandoned will be voided whether and when the match is resumed.

Shiny Joker Casino

If canceled or discontinued, shiny Joker Casino uses overarching rules for all sports competitions. The limit for resuming or catching up is 24 hours. If the match is not played within 24 hours, bets will be void. There are exceptions, such as canceled matches at the World Cup, as long as the matches are played before the end of the tournament. This also applies to most bookmakers regarding tournament matches that are canceled.

Unless otherwise provided in the rules for a specific sport, all bets on abandoned or delayed matches will be void unless the match is rescheduled and takes place within 24 hours. In this case, the bets stand. All markets decided upon at the time of the interruption or termination will be paid according to the result at the time of the interruption or termination.

If interrupted or postponed matches occur within a tournament, bets will stand, but only if the match occurs before the competition ends and is completed.


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