Vikings Spin-off Confirms Netflix Premiere Date as First Look Is Unveiled

Welcome back Fam! Today we have some exciting news about an all-new series which is going to be released on Netflix.  Recently it was announced by Netflix that confirmed the release of the series Vikings: Valhalla. It is more like;y that this series is based on the Vikings series played on the History Channel.

This new series is planned to be released on Netflix on 25th February that will be on Friday. And we can say that story will have a lot of similarities and will have similar events from the original show.

After the announcement, Netflix had released the first look from the upcoming show and the teaser released says it all. And you will know what to exactly expect from this show.

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As we know the original series had a total of six seasons in it. So it is more likely to have that long series for Netflix as well. And we are expecting to have a total of 6 seasons or more for this series as well.

This series is great news for all the fans of Vikings and we are sure this series will be up to our expectations. This series is based on the time periods when Vikings had undertaken most parts of England and further headed towards Normandy. Further on we were introduced to Leif Eriksson, who is famous for being the 1st European to be visiting North America.

Who All Are the Cast of This Upcoming Series?

It is also reported that we will be seeing Laura Berlin acting as Emma located in Normandy, Sam Corlett will be playing the role of Leif Eriksson along with Radley Freegard being King Canute ‘The Great’. This series is mainly focusing on these 3 particular characters and showcases some of the best memories they have lived.


Other than the above-mentioned cast members there will be other members included such as s Caroline Henderson, Frida Gustavsson, Leo Suter, Pollyanna McIntosh, Jóhannes Hauku Jóhanesson, David Oakes, Asbjørn Krogh, Louis Davison,  Pääru Oja, James Ballanger, Julian Seager, and a lot more.

The original series Vikings is created by Michael Hirst along with an outstanding writer Jeb Stuart. Jeb is also to be writing about Valhalla and he also is the showrunner. Recently in an interview, Hirst said that he is more than excited that they will be announcing the Viking series to be continued from now on.

He further added that he knows that a lot of fans all across the world are already thrilled t9o be having Vikings back and this show will be running on Netflix and MGM.

As Jeb Stuart, is a really amazing writer, it is more likely that he will bring a lot of new ideas to this plotline and a yet more strong version to this already hit story about the Viking that is famous in history. Valhalla is going to be out on 25th February 2022, especially on Netflix, and along with that, all the seasons of Vikings will be streaming on  Amazon Prime Video.

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Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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