Total War: Warhammer III – Update 2.1.0

Total War: Warhammer III – Update 2.1.0 has just dropped and we can’t get over the tremendous new additions!

Among the top turn-based strategy games, Total War: Warhammer III is loved by millions of people from all over the world. From fighting with AI-controlled factions to custom battle modes, this game has it all. It undergoes regular updates to fix bugs and add new content to keep players hooked. The latest update, Update 2.1.0 has just dropped, and here’s everything you need to know about it!

Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0

The new update is a hit among players! It introduces several bug fixes and changes to the game that we are obsessed with!

Mentioned below is a list of all the new features introduced in Update 2.1.0.

The arrival of the Assembly Kit- Best update for Modders

Players’ struggle of relying on third-party tools for mods is now over! The game has introduced assembly kits and you now have access to official tools for modding! Thus, you can add new changes and customize your game according to your liking!

The modding tools included in the update are Database Editing, Startpos Editing, Battle Map Creation, and Pack File Generation.

Players can download the assembly kit from Microsoft Store where it exists as a separate app. Alternatively, Steam users can find it in their library’s Tools sections.

The High Elf Archmage- Challenging New Update 

Mounting the high elf archmages on a dragon would make them unstoppable. However, this feature is no longer a part of Total War: Warhammer III.

Warriors of Chaos- Epic New Feature

The Warriors of Chaos can dominate all eleven races and humans after the release of update 2.1.

Confederation of Other Warriors of Chaos- Among the best additions in Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0

Be’lakor and Archaon can confederate factions of Warriors of Chaos. You simply have to take down all their settlements one at a time. Once you capture the final settlement, you can confederate the faction and you can then access all their legendary lords!

The Ultimate Crisis- Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0 New Challenge

This is one of the main new additions in the Immortal Empires Campaign. It allows you to trigger the start of all endgame scenarios on a single play-through! It will be a lot more challenging and only the best of players can ace this mode.

Legendary Lords Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0

All legendary lords will be equipped with the Siege Attacker Trait. You can attack walled settlements using immediate siege attacks even if Siege Equipment is not built.

Improvements for Dwarf Armies- Exciting New Changes

The dwarf’s faction has increased spell resistance. It has gone up from 25% to 35%. This applies to all units. Moreover, the Rune of Hearth and Home now restores 5% vigor/second. Additionally, the rune of speed and master of speed feature increased durations.

Increase in Hit Points For Hammerers

Hammerers now have additional movement options along with new buffs. Their hit points have increased by 800!

Helman Ghorst Tweaks- Fan Favorite Update 

Helman Ghorst was way too powerful because of his corpse carts! The game developers tweaked his powers and made him a more balanced character. Furthermore, his Corpse Cart is more expensive now. It costs 800 gold in multiplayer battles!

Increased Match Durations in Dominion Battles

The new update tweaked the rules in dominion battles so that they last longer!

Vortex Spells Rebalancing in Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0

Talons of the Night, Infernal Gateway, and other stationary vortex spells had too little counter-play. Hence, their wind-up durations are increased in update 2.1 for rebalancing the spells and giving players more time for responding to attacks.

Reduced Penalties in Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0

Imperial Authority penalties received reductions in the new update. Although, this only applies to first losses! When you incur the second or third loss, the penalty is the same.

Regiments of Renown Units

These are high-end versions of standard units with better abilities and combat performance. They have become available for appropriate factions. Moreover, some of these units costed way too much! These costs are updated and adjusted in update 2.1.

Total War: Warhammer III – Update 2.1.0
Total War: Warhammer III – Update 2.1.0

Fixes in Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0

The following fixes are part of the new update.

  • The endgame scenario in the pyramid of Nagash will not spawn countless armies.
  • Misleading text in the Wild Hunt and A Grudge Too Far is fixed.
  • Removed the Slaaneshi wall’s decorative elements that blocked artillery damage.
  • Nurgle Floating Islands will no longer collide with flying units as they are now only props.
  • Fixed the issue causing active dismembered artillery crew even after death.
  • Isabella and Vlad are not purchasable in Custom battles as a result of functional and balance issues.
  • Fixed the crash caused by teleporting to Valkia Quest Battles.
  • Fixed the bug causing Imrik to not get reward traits.

How to access Total War: Warhammer III- Update 2.1.0?

Here are all the ways of getting Update 2.1.

Through Microsoft Store

Updating your game in Microsoft Store is mandatory for getting Update 2.1.0. Simply open the Microsoft Store, click on the three dots symbol that appears next to your display picture and choose the Downloads and Updates option. Next, select Get Updates and this will install the latest updates for all your games. Now, open your Total War: Warhammer III game and enjoy playing update 2.1.

Through Steam

Steam users must update their game by opening the Steam app, clicking on the library, and selecting the Downloads option. Then, select Download Now, and the new update will install.

Through Epic

Update your game in the Epic games launcher. Next, click on your profile portrait and select settings. Choose Downloads and open the Manage Games section. Check the option that reads Allow Auto Updates. Here, you will find Total War: Warhammer III. Open Options, tick the Auto-Update box and you are good to go!


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