The Upshaws Season 4 Update: Netflix Announces Renewal

Netflix has announced that The Upshaws season 4 is happening. Therefore, fans are in for more fun episodes from this sitcom as The Upshaws season 4 is slated for a late summer release date. While announcing the same, Netflix also released a short teaser video for the fans. So, keep reading to know more about the upcoming season. 

The Upshaws Season 4: Release Date 

As stated, The Upshaws season 4 is set for a late summer release date. But the question is when exactly will the season premiere? Well, we have an official release date with us. You can watch The Upshaws season 4 on August 17, 2023. We expect eight episodes in The Upshaws season 4, just like the previous seasons. 

The Upshaws Season 4 Cast 

All the major cast of the series are returning for the fourth season. The list includes the following names:

  • Kim Fields as Regina Upshaw 
  • Mike Epps as Bernie 
  • Diamond Lyons as Kevin Upshaw 
  • Wanda Sykes as Lucretia Turner 
  • Page Kennedy as Duck 
  • Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw 
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha Lewis 
  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw 
  • Mike Estime as Tony 
  • Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw 
  • Daria Johns as Savannah 
  • Dayna Dooley as Sheila 
  • Dewayne Perkins as Hector 
  • Leonard Earl Howze as Davis
The Upshaws Season 4 Update Netflix Announces Renewal
The Upshaws Season 4 Update Netflix Announces Renewal

What To Expect In The Upcoming Season?

Right at the moment, a lot is happening in the Upshaw household. Firstly, we have Regina, who is suffering from bad mental health and has decided to stay with Lucretia, who made it clear to Bennie Sr. that she would not be coming home until she felt better. 

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Then we have Kelvin, who is moving in with the Upshaws. Seeing his return, Lucretia strongly reacted, saying that because Kevin had moved in, Regina would not return home. 

So, it is safe to say that a lot is happening in Regina’s life, including household stress. So, it is getting challenging for her to manage everything. Therefore, in The Upshaws season 4, we might see the family trying to work to create a less stressful environment for Regina. 

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An official synopsis of The Upshaws season 4 is not available at the time of writing. We will update this section as soon as Netflix releases the synopsis. 

Is There A Trailer?

No, Netflix has not released a trailer for season 4 yet. However, considering the fact that the series is premiering in August, we expect to have a trailer soon. 

Although, they have released a short video in which the cast can be seen overjoyed by the news of the show’s renewal. In the same video, Netflix announced the official release date.

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Where To Watch The Upshaws Season 4?

You can stream The Upshaws season 4 on August 17, 2023, on Netflix. If you have not watched the previous seasons, you can stream them all on Netflix. 


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