The Sopranos Cast and David Chase Have Said About the Heavily-debated Final Scene

Is it true that Tony Soprano finally dies in the last episode of The Sopranos”? Well, what we are thinking might be a yes or no. So let’s find out what this is about and is there anything interesting we should know?

In an interview with creator David Chase,  he was very much unclear about the ending since it was released in 2007, and till now he is quite silent about the details in a recent interview.

While having a conversation about the end. Chase directly said that “yes he died and then changes the entire topic leaving everyone with a lot of questions.

As we all know, the final season of “The Sopranos” is still one with the most mysterious ending in the history of TV series. The scene went something like this, Tony Soprano was having dinner with his family in a diner. Meanwhile in the Jukebox “Don’t Stop Believing” was being played.

Then suddenly, in the scene was a stranger in a Members Only jacket. After that, a bell rang and the door opened. Just after this, the screen was black for 10 seconds and the scene ended.


Creator David Chase of ‘the Sopranos’ Either Did or Did Not Confirm the Death of Tony

This last scene completely confused the audience. Like what just happened? And it was never clear what happened at the end of the scene. To this, a lot of viewers acted in rage and were quite disappointed with the final scene.

The Sopranos Cast

However last year it seemed that this mystery was finally solved. As, during an interview for the book in 2018 “The Sopranos Sessions,” Chase discussed it at a point that he had the death scene planned for years.

Further, when asked about the statement he denied it. Also, that statement was leaked later on in 2020 in which Chase replied that he was not talking about the series finale but the idea he had which he later dropped.

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On Monday when Chase attended the THR’s Awards podcast. He acted all clueless about the statement and when THR asked whether that was a slip of tongue Chase replied with was it? But after asking further Chase denied the statement.

Chase even described to THR that once he was driving near the airport where he saw a restaurant and thought that the last scene should have been shot in a place similar to that. He also added that it felt like the correct place for the scene.

Chase All Angry With the Audience for Wanting Tony Dead

Even after the entire conversation, it was not clear what happened in the last scene. Moreover, Chase was very annoyed by the fact that people wanted to see Tony getting killed.

He even said that the audience wants to see him get killed and he just expected that even though Tony was a killer, the audience loved him in some way, and by watching him be a criminal they are also a part of it. He also added that this bothered him a lot.

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And after all this conversation we once again are at the same point as it was in 2007. In an interview back then Chase had said similar things to author Brett Martin. However, even after all these talks, the time was worth nothing.

Chase criticized the audience for wanting Tony to be killed even after watching for 7 years but never answered the question of what happened and I think we still don’t know.

Chase also once again returned to all those memories of “The Sopranos” now filming for Warner Bros. This film is titled “The Many Saints of Newark,” and also has all the incidents that took place in the 1960s and 70s.

We will be seeing a younger Tony in the film as a supporting role. It will be played by Michael Gandolfini, the late Gandolfini’s son.

Chase also commented on the fact that he is all open to sharing more stories about the scenes and memories of “The Sopranos. And he is always open to help with any movie or Tv series related to the same.

Though we couldn’t conclude about the missing 10 seconds at the end of the season, hopefully, we will get the exact answer to our questions soon. Till then stay tuned with us for all such updates and amazing news about your favorite shows.

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