Ariana Grande References 13 Going on 30 (Again!) With Her Versace Dress on the Voice

Recently The Voice has started its live shows and I am sure we all would agree that Ariana Grande has already won much heart. It is the first time that Ariana is a voice coach and it is the very first time she is doing a live show.

The way she showed up so naturally was clear that she is already loving it. And coming to the most interesting part was her dress. She dressed up wearing the colorful dress worn by Jennifer Garner who was Jenna Rink in the movie 13 Going on 30.

Can’t Keep Calm as Ariana Grande Wearing the ‘13 Going on 30’ Ress for ‘the Voice’

This look was shared by Ariana on Instagram just before the show and she wrote, “Thank you so so much @versace @donatella_versace and happy first live show !!!!!”

Ariana recreated Jennifer’s look completely even doing the same hairstyle and wearing similar earrings. And if you see the look then you will know only the giant butterfly necklace was missing and obviously along with Mark Ruffalo.

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Is Ariana Also Going to Launch a Beauty Line?

And all the Ariana fans know what a big week was this for Ariana. And other than having The Voice’s live show she is also going to launch her beauty line known as R.E.M. She is going to launch her beauty line on 12th November.

Ariana Grande

In a recent interview, she said to the Skamour UK, that she was a lot nervous to even have her beauty line and step into that industry because of so many amazing people being in it.

She even added that she doesn’t even want to get into something popular. She needs to connect to it and want to be fueled up by her passion. She was to feel like having this thing of her own and also it to be a lot natural.

Moreover, the name of her beauty line is based on a song composed by her. She said that this beauty line was a reference to a song and she decided to name it R.E.M as the song contains a lot of her favorite parts of her sound.

Also, REM(rapid eye movement) is completely focused on dreams as well as eyes which is the main storyteller. She even said that these two elements are our emotional communicators.

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Furthermore, she added just like the way you can add more with the way you look at someone even more than you can say it with words. Our eyes are the source where we dream and rest and it has so much beauty in them. And Ariana loves that.

So to all Ariana’s fans let’s enjoy the live show hers. And are you going to try the beauty products launched by her? Coz I definitely am!  Stay tuned with us to know more about your favorite celebrities and what’s going on in their life. 


Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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