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Dave Chappelle has been facing a lot of backlashes as his stand-up special called THE CLOSER caused a huge controversy because of his remark regarding the transgender community. Chapelle in his stand-up “The closer” made fun of transgender genitalia. He also misgendered a woman with a man.

He further declared himself as TERF which stands for a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. The whole scenario caused a lot of outrage. people escalated to protesting outside the studio of Netflix. Many employees even walked out to make their demands regarding the safe environment for trans people. People are not very happy regarding his comments about transgender people as he mentioned the word “nonsense” while talking about them.

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Netflix’s Ceo Supports Dave:

Netflix studio’s head, CEO Ted Sarandos, seems to back up Dave Chapelle. He released a memo that shows that he is supporting and standing with Dave Chapelle. It has been rumored that some of the working staff has also been fired from work by Netflix for standing against Dave

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Not the First Time Dave Faces Backlash:

 Well, this is not the first time Dave has been facing backlash due to his gender-based remarks. Earlier he backed JK Rowling who also attracted criticism by passing derogatory comments about intersex and transgender people. That time he commented that ‘gender is a fact’ and got a lot of people angry.

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On Monday, Dave posted an Instagram video around five minutes long. In that video, he remains unapologetic for being transphobic and said:

That he said what he said, and he has heard what everyone is saying. He exasperatedly said,” My God, how could I not? You said you want a safe working environment at Netflix. It seems like I’m the only one that can’t go to the office anymore,”

He also mentioned that Sarandoes was the only one who did not cancel him and his upcoming documentary about George Floyd. He further added that he will not bend to anyone’s demand when it comes to speaking about the trans community.

Dave Makes It About Freedom of Speech:

 From his speech, it can be concluded that the topic was being shifted to freedom of speech. As he said that, the media makes it look like that it’s him versus that community, but that’s not the case. He said he doesn’t blame the LGBTQ community for any of this s****and that it had nothing to do with them, it’s about corporate interest, and what he can and cannot say.

After these comments, it can be seen that Dave is showing concern regarding his freedom of speech. Accordion to him all of this is just exaggerating things as he finds the LGBTQ+ community peaceful but some people are taking advantage of the situation and creating a lot of issues.

Apart from the ones who are supporting Dave, many prominent personalities showed anger and felt disgusted over his transphobic remarks. Earlier this month, a few comedians while giving interviews to CNN expressed their feelings towards his Transphobic comments, they mentioned that Capelle’s comments are the perfect example of punching down people with less power. They also added how comedians just try to Scapegoat the trans comedian.

People Await Dave’s Video Apology:

But if you look at his video which was released on Instagram, he mentioned that he has always found the trans community supportive and loving. He also mentioned, “I don’t know what is this nonsense about”. Well, it seems he is just ignoring the comments that he has been receiving from fellow trans comedians regarding his behavior.

while the people are waiting for his apology video some people are supporting him as they think that everyone has the right to freedom of speech. But most people think that disrespecting a community or person is not anyone’s right.


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