The Returned Season 3: Everything you need to know

The masterpiece and award-winning French horror mystery TV series ‘The Returned’ aired on Canal+ on Nov 26, 2012, as its first two episodes made their mark. A total of 8 episodes were premiered as part of the initial season, unveiling in a sequence of two episodes per week. The first season concluded on Dec 17, 2012.

Not so long after the conclusion of the first season The Returned made headlines as it became the winner of The International Emmy Awards in 2013 for the best drama series, Globes de Cristal Awards, France in 2013 for the best TV series, and became the nominee for the Bram Stroker Awards, 2013. The success story did not conclude in 2013 and it kept making its mark winning the Peabody award in 2014. In Oct 2015, season 02 of The Returned premiered consisting of 8 episodes. It has been 6 years so far and no news yet about the 3rd season, let’s find out.

The Returned Season 3
The Returned Season 3

What is ‘The Returned’?

‘The Returned’ (or ‘Les Revenants’ as it’s translated in French), the French horror mystery, is the golden work of Fabrice Gobert. The Returned originally derives its idea from a film back in 2004 named ‘As They Came Back’, produced by Robin Campillo. 

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The French horror tv series starts in a small French mountainous town, where the town dwellers are familiar with everyone. A school bus driver is driving around the town to drop off the students when a horrible accident takes place, driving the bus off the mountain, taking each of their lives. The town dwellers get shocked when a huge number of deceased are found alive including those in the school bus crash. The reappeared ones are not ghosts but humans who haven’t aged a bit and that scares the whole mountain community.

The returned one’s plot and cast:

Camille, a young pretty girl who died in the school bus crash, is found alive after 4 years in her home, unscathed and unhurt, shaking the Winship family. They get scared as she hasn’t aged a bit and she thinks it is the same day of the crash. Lena, her twin sister makes efforts to make her a part of their lives again. Camille keeps her name ‘Alice’ to be accepted by the community and acts like Lena’s cousin. Similarly, another returned one, Simon, who died six years ago is alive now and begins the search for his fiancée, Rowan, not knowing that he has come back from the dead and had died years back.

Rowan, who got engaged to Tommy in the meantime, is now planning to marry him. Simon learns the truth that he died years ago and is now alive again. Lena reveals to Rowan, that she is not hallucinating, but Simon has returned like many others. Rowan is surprised and tries to remind Simon of their child Chloe, however she refuses to live with him and instead chooses Tommy. Another character Helen, who was married finds herself alive and begins to search for her husband but she doesn’t remember that she died 30 years ago.

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Her husband who couldn’t cope takes his life by suicide around the dam. Victor, a little kid, who was murdered a few years ago by the robbers is brought home by Julie. Serge, a serial murderer, is found alive too. Lucy who is a waitress is found severely wounded as she was stabbed. Tony, gets suspected of Lucy’s stabbing incident.

Several unusual incidents keep happening as the returned ones settle in an unfamiliar world to live their lives again. Strange appearances of scars make the returned ones reminiscent of their pasts. Unusual electricity breakdowns happen, following a shortage in the community’s water reservoir. 

The Returned season 3 expectations:

Since 2015, after the release of season 02, the show producers haven’t provided any clue about the possibility of season 02. It hasn’t been canceled so far, so fans have a lot of positive hopes from the producers about another season. The mystery this show has keeps its fans glued to the screens and that’s why it’s hard for them to say goodbye to it without a third season. But it has a high chance that season 3 comes with a surprise. Till then we can wait and hope!

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