The Ones within season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

A Welcome back fam! Today we are here to discuss your all-time favorite anime series” The ones within”. The main character of the show Nakamoto Genome was seen last year. Since then, all the fans are going crazy to see him again.

And this can only be done when season two of The Ones gets released. However, we are still unsure about when we are going to see him next.

The show contains a total of 12 episodes however the entire development of the story and the characters in the story is breathtaking. The main plot of the series is based on the missing story of teenagers in Japan.

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This story is mostly focused on the character  Iride Akatsuki, who finally ended up in the world of  ‘Naka No Hito Genome’.

This series is a complete hit as it was created by the Silver Link Studio, but there are a lot of other factors which might affect the release of the second season. However,  since this show has a huge fan base the release of the second season seems quite impossible.

This series is depicted from the manga of Ozora, and if we check out the story there is so much more to explore. Thus there is enough content for the makers for making season 2 but it completely depends on them if they are willing to do so. So let’s dive in and see what we know about the upcoming series!

The Ones Within Season 2 Release Date

It’s been 2 years since the series was released but unfortunately, there is no official announcement made by the makers regarding the release date of the second season of The Ones. However, we are still hoping for them to give us a green signal for the second season and we have no luck with it yet.

As far as we know that the manga for this series is still ongoing, thus it is more likely that the makers are waiting for the perfect time to start with the second season. Moreover, with all this uncertainty it is still unpredictable how the writers will take to come up with an interesting plot or if they are actually even writing it!

The Ones within season 2
The Ones within season 2

Even though the ratings were not so high, the show received so much love from the audience and everyone is waiting for a second season. However with this belief, we supposed that the shooting might begin from quarter 1 of 2022, but no official commitment had been done yet.

The Ones Within Season 2 Cast

As there is no official announcement made by the makers yet we do not have any particular update about the cast of the series. However, if any second season is made then it is expected that all the characters from part one will be back.

Here is the list of the names of the cast members who are more likely to be in the show.

  • Karin Sarayashiki
  • Himiko Inaba
  • Kaikoku Onigasaki
  • Yuzu Roromori
  • Anya Kudou
  • Makino Aikawa
  • Zakuro Oshigiri
  • Akatsuki Iride

As mentioned above the manga for this series is still in progress, so it can be sure that some new characters might be introduced once the series is completed. However, that depends on the  But that depends on writers which characters they want to add to the story.

But the main story will still revolve around the characters mentioned above. As far as the voice cast is concerned, we hope that the same actors will come back for the Japanese voice and the English dubbed.

The Ones Within Season 2 Plot

In the first season, we saw that all the teenagers in Japan started disappearing, and even after all the efforts given by the police, they were unable to reach the actual cause of the issue. Later on, the main characters also became the victim and disappeared.

Akatsuki Iride is a gamer who also used to record himself while playing. During that time one game got really famous and it used to send teens to a completely different world. Meanwhile, he ignored all the rumors and continued with the game.

As he started the game,  Ignoring all of these rumors, Iride decided to play the game and by doing so he actually reached a different world, and the story turned out to be true. 

After he gets teleported to another world, he finds all the other 7 missing children in there as well. Then all the kids got sent to 13th Avenue and were introduced to  Paca. Further on this man makes them understand the game further in order to return to the actual world.

The entire group will have to follow the rules and unlock the stages of the game. Once they have cleared all the levels they would be free to go. And if any member of the group is not willing to play along then he or she would be kept in the “The White Room” till the other members complete the game.

However, this entire game wasn’t easy and they had to go through a lot of difficulties and had to face their innermost fears to clear the levels. 

However, it is difficult to know what the second season will be about. And no comments can be made until and unless an official announcement has been made by the makers of the show. But do not worry, we will keep you all updated with the show if any news is out. 

The Ones Within Season 2 Trailer

As no official announcement has been made for the show there are no updates about the trailer yet. If there are any further updates about the show we will update you immediately. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about the show and your favorite characters.

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