The Adam Project: Release Date Confirmed by Netflix?

Netflix has recently released the official trailer of The Adam Project. The new project belongs to the genre of a time-travel dramedy. It will be available on Netflix in the upcoming month. The Adam Project will be featuring Ryan Reynolds.

Previously, Ryan Reynolds in Netflix was seen in Red Notice, a heist action comedy and he was joined by Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson in the project. When it premiered last year, Red Notice became the biggest original movie on Netflix. 

The Adam Project: Release Date

The Adam Project is all set to release on March 11. The upcoming sci-fi movie is one of the few titles, the release date of which is confirmed. Interestingly, the release date of other Netflix originals is still not known but that is not the case with The Adam Project.

As The Adam Project is a Netflix Original, it will be exclusively available on Netflix. The movie is written by Jonathan Tropper, Jennifer Flackett, TS Nowlin, and Mark Levin.

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The Adam Project: Cast

The Adam Project will feature Ryan Reynolds playing the role of Adam. Walker Scobell in The Adam Project will be playing the role of his 12-year old self from the project. In addition to that, other popular cast members of The Adam Project include Mark Ruffalo, Zeo Saldana, Catherine Keener, and Jennifer Garner.

An interesting fact about Walker Scobell is that he was chosen to play the 12-year old self role of Ryan Reynold because of his ability to recite Reynolds dialogue of both his Deadpool movies and also because he is a huge fan of Reynolds work. Mark Ruffalo will be seen playing the role of the late father of Adam and also as a scientist who managed to pave his way to time travel in the future. 

The Adam Project
The Adam Project

The Adam Project: Plot

The plot of The Adam Project revolves around Ryan Reynolds where his character will be seen crash landing in 2022 from 2050. He would recruit his younger self for a mission that involves saving the future. One will also be able to see the drama of two Adam’s fathers and father-son bonding. ​​

The Adam Project belongs to the sci-fi genre with elements of drama. Sources have also revealed that Adam travels back in time to find Laura, his true love. 

Reynolds can be seen playing the role of a time-traveling futuristic fighter pilot who time-travels to meet his 13-year old self to save the life on the planet from the danger of time travel. In addition to that, another twist in The Adam Project involves direct confrontation with his late father.

What remains a mystery in the plot is why Adam needs to meet his 13-year-old self to carry on the critical mission. With elements of sci-fi, the audiences are in for an emotional rollercoaster ride with The Adam Project. 

The Adam Project: Trailer 

Netflix has only released small footage of The Adam Project. In the brief footage release, the audience can see the old Adam and young Adam in the forest looking up at a glowing ship in the night. In addition to that, Adam could be seen with a lightsaber crossed with a spear and flying the ship. On the other hand, young Adam could be seen at the backseat of the ship screaming. 

Another clip of The Adam Project shows Ruffalo and Adams standing in an elevator. Reynolds can be seen commenting “feel like a kid again” while looking at the camera and breaking the fourth wall. A full trailer of The Adam Project has not been released till now but the audiences can expect a trailer soon as the release date of the movie is fast approaching. 

Ryan Reyolds recently tweeted that it will be an understatement to say that he had the time of his life while making The Adam Project. 

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