Kodak Black Announces the Release Date of His New Album “Back For Everything”

One of the hottest hip-hop songs in the current time is the “Super Gremlin” and taking advantage of the same, Kodak Black has announced the release of the upcoming new album titled “Back For Everything”.

Kodak Black is a Florida-based rapper and he has recently announced that he will be releasing his work on February, 25. Coincidentally, his album will be released just three days after the release of Donda 2 by Kanye West and 7220 by Lil Durk. 

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Kodak Black: Release Date 

The release date of the new album by Kodak Black is February 25. The upcoming project is named Back For Everything. The official announcement for the same was made after the release of Grinding All-Season, a song and music video by Yak that received a lukewarm response from the critics and the fans. The feature of the upcoming album has still not been unveiled. 

Kodak Black: Album Cover 

The album cover of Back For Everything is also unveiled. On the album cover, one can see Jodak wearing a pair of sunglasses, a Louis Vitton jacket, matching pants, and ice around his neck. The cover art of the album was unveiled by Kodak on Instagram. It is believed that the album will pay homage to Back to the Future, the classic blockbuster series. 

Kodak Black: Back For Everything

Back For Everything by Kodak Black will feature 19 tracks and will further include his previous hit -singles like Love and War and Super Gremlin. His single “Super Gremlin” is currently enjoying the fifth position on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black: Upcoming Plans 

Kodak Black has further announced his upcoming plan of releasing a new album in 2022 with Ed Sheeran, a British Pop Star. In addition to that, no other information for the same has been released. However, it is not known whether his collaboration with Ed Sheeran will be a part of Back For Everything or any other album. 

Kodak Black: Previous Work 

In October  2021, Kodak Black released “Super Gremlin” and it became intensely popular and found its place in number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His other latest releases include his single “Grinding All Season”. His other latest work includes “Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob and Snapchat: Nightmare Babies”, “Haitian Boy Kodak” and “Happy Birthday Kodak”. 

Kodak Black: Popularity 

Kodak Black earned his early fame back in 2014 with his release “No Flockin”. He made his debut album in 2017 with the release of Painting Picture that conquered the third position on the US Billboard 200. His second album, Dying to Live was released in 2018 and it occupied the first position on Billboard 200. This album was further supported by the Single Zeze that featured Travis Scott and Offset. 

On November 11, 2020, Bill Israel, his third album was released. Interestingly, this album was released while Kodak Black was serving his prison sentence. He then released “Last Day In”, a single on January 23, 2021. This single basically talked about his release from prison and he was grateful to then-president Donald Trump for the same.

Later on, February 6, 2021, released another single titled “Every Balmain” where he threw light on his life after his prison sentence. On May 14, 2021, he released Haitian Boy Kodak, a mixtape. The cover art of the same paid tribute to Haitian pride. On June 11, 2021, he released another project titled Happy Birthday Kodak to celebrate his twenty-fourth birthday. The popular Super Gremlin was released on November 1, 2021. 

Kodak Black: Prison Time 

Kodak Black was arrested in November 2019 for many charges and he was found guilty of lying on paperwork while buying guns and he was sentenced to four years in prison. This affected the life of Kodak Black adversely. In January 2021, he earned a presidential pardon by Donal Trump, and for celebrating freedom from prison, he released another single titled “Last Day In”. 

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