Does Steve die in Stranger Things season 4?

Ever since Stranger Things Season 4 has been confirmed for production, fans have been crazily speculating the plot and release date of their all-time favorite horror sci-fi TV show.  Netflix has also released a small teaser of the upcoming season. So that fans can have a sneak peek of what’s coming their way. The teaser showed tiny glimpses of several characters. These include Hopper, Eleven, Nancy, and the rest of the gang. One particular thing which stood out was the fate of Joe Keery’s character- Steve Harrington aka The King of Hawkins High. Does Steve die in Stranger Things Season 4? Is Joe Keery leaving Stranger Things? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about the handsome brown-eyed boy. 

Trailer of Season 4 

In the trailer, we see Steve pairing up with Max, Nancy, Robin, Lucas, and Dustin on a shocking new project. We don’t know what the gang’s new mission is but it is something so surprising that it has left all of them stunned. Then, in an ominous scene, we see Steve struggling underwater with a flashlight in his hand. As soon as fans saw this scene, they took over the internet with a storm discussing whether Steve will die in Season 4 or not.

Will Steve die in Stranger Things Season 4?

Although Stranger Things is quite well known for killing characters off, we aren’t sure whether the gloomy underwater scene of Steve implies that he will be dead. It may just be a near-death experience and he may end up finding a way to make it out alive. 

Steve die in Stranger Things

Fans will probably find it surprising that producers weren’t planning to keep Steve alive for very long. In fact, their favorite brown-eyed hero was actually meant to be killed off in Season 1. However, due to Joe Keery’s spectacular acting skills and his kind nature. The producers changed their minds and decided to keep his character alive for the next few seasons. Looking at all of this, it seems highly likely that Steve will be killed in Season 4

Is Joe Keery leaving Stranger Things? 

Joe Keery is part of the confirmed cast of Season 4. Whether or not he returns after the fourth season is a question that can only be answered once the season ends. However, we certainly do hope and pray that this isn’t the end. And our favorite teenage heartthrob returns to star in several more seasons of Stranger Things. After all, the show will feel incomplete without him.


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