Season 4 Stranger Things- Everything You Must Know

Yes, you are reading it correctly; Season 4 Stranger Things is set to return on Netflix sometime in 2022. The chances are high due to the ongoing pandemic. It is a much-awaited season as Stranger Things is a popular show has a huge fan following. Let’s dive into the details of when the show is set to release and what to expect in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 4 Renewal Date

Season 4 Stranger Things

Stranger Things got the green light for season 4 on September 30th, 2019. The Duffer Brothers and Netflix released a few teasers, but it was made official in September. Netflix is in a multi-year deal with The Duffer Brothers over the production and direction of this show.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date

Fans just want the latest season to be available on Netflix right now. We just cannot wait to see Eleven and the gang encounter new threats. But very recent updates say that the show is still in the filming phase, which is the early stages of the production. This was at the beginning of April. The trend of post-productions six months before the release of the previous seasons is most likely to be followed by the team, so we should expect Stranger Things season 4 to release in 2022, hopefully.

Latest Updates on the Season 4 Stranger Things

Production for Stranger Things season 4 is still ongoing; irrespective of how the show got its renewal date back in 2019, the pandemic is causing many problems for the crew. Filming and producing full seasons and shows is very difficult as healthcare authorities advise everyone to distance themselves and remain indoors socially. After taking proper care and following SOPs, the production continues. 

The filming is going to take place in multiple locations,

  • Atlanta
  • Vilnius
  • Lithuania

Many other locations are still unknown. If things keep going on schedule, filming that had started on January 7th will probably be completed in the first week of August. Alas, due to the pandemic, everything was put to a halt. By mid-June, there was confirmation that the script for the new season was complete, and now they have to move on to film the next phase.

Will Season 4 Stranger Things be the last season?

From the statements given by the Duffer Brother is very unclear whether or not fans will be graced with a season 5 of stranger things. During an interview with Enews, the brother said that Four seasons seem too short and five seasons seem too long. They do not want it to get boring and extend something more than it needs to be. But they also say that they are still figuring things out. The release of season 4 will ultimately determine whether or not we are getting a season 5 for Stranger Things.

What to Expect in Season 4 Stranger Things

David Hopper is Alive

Our beloved sheriff, who we thought had died in the finale of season 3 is all set to make a return. We know this because a teaser put out by Netflix shows Hopper in a Russian camp working on a railway track. In a post-credit scene of season 3, we saw Russians refer to someone as ‘The American’ in prison. Fans are now sure that they are referring to Hopper. Fans have come up with a theory that Hopper jumped into the Upside Down to save himself from the explosion. 

The return of Mathew Modine

The latest teaser trailer, namely “Eleven, are you Listening”, shows the villain’s return from the very first season, Dr Martin Brenner. Mathew Modine is going to return to his previous role. The teaser shows the doctor walk into a rainbow room full of children who call him papa, just as Eleven did. This indicates that all these children either have powers or are being kept for experiments. This teaser is most likely Eleven’s memory or a flashback. What we saw in the trailer was a Demogorgon devour of the doctor; at least, that is what was shown. But we’re eager to find out what role Dr martin plays this season. 

Not in Hawkins anymore

The story will no longer stay in Hawkins as we expect to see Hopper in Russia. Fans hope he stays there during the major part of the season.

The Timeline

The first season was set in 1983, the second in 1984, and the third in 1985. If writers repeat the trend, then season four will most likely be set in 1986, but fans can expect a time jump as we saw everyone part ways and the actors have grown up since then. So, it would make sense to do so.

Well, 2022 is still quite far away. Let’s hope this time passes quickly or, by some miracle, we get the season earlier. We are keeping our fingers crossed!


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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