I Am All Girls is Coming on 14th May 2021

Sex trafficking is an issue in our society as old as time. But, what are we doing to stop it? How are we trying to fight and save those girls? The movie I Am All Girls portrays a fight against powerful people who sell and resell and resell girls as long as their hearts, please. 

I Am All Girls Plot

The Netflix original film is based on cruel real-life events that once took place in the 1980s in South Africa during the final days of Apartheid. This was when money was all the power you needed for doing illegal things, and sex trafficking was at its peak in South Africa. Furthermore, important people such as ministers were involved in the business.

The movie revolves around a cop, who once herself was a victim of sex trafficking, and a crime investigator who combine forces to bring a stop to this vicious cycle from destroying the lives of other girls. But, do they succeed despite their lack of resources? Are they able to catch every single person involved in global sex trafficking? There is only one way to find out, and that’s by watching the movie.

I Am All Girls

I Am All Girls Release Date

This mystery thriller movie will be available for everyone to watch on Netflix from 14th May onwards. Nthibah Pictures, along with Netflix, have brought the movie to life.


The jaw-dropping, giving shivers down your spine trailer was launched on 16th April. 


Some of the cast members of this spell-bounding, action-packed movie include:

  • Erica Wessels as Jodie Snyman.
  • Hlubi Mboya as Ntombizonke.
  • Mothusi Magano as Captain George.
  • Masasa Mbangeni as Thamsanqa.
  • Brandon Daniels as Investigating Officer Samuel Arendse.
  • Deon Lotz as FJ Nolte.

Final Verdict

We think that this is a movie that every single one of us should watch and think about those poor souls who have been victims of such syndicates that still exist in our society. But, the movie is more than just entertainment. It is a message for every single one of us to raise our voices and get our world free of this vicious cycle of using young girls against their will.

Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline is Entertainment Reporter at OSN.