Stay Close 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Welcome back fam! Today we are here to discuss a new Netflix series on Harlan Coben. As we all know a new series Stay close was released last year in December Again with a huge fan base.  This series is based on the best-selling mystery novel of Harlan Coben and has a similar name as the novel.

After gaining so much fame now all the fans are wondering if there is going to be any other season for this show or not. So keep reading to know everything about season 2 of stay close. 

Stay Close Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, no particular release date has been shared by the makers yet. As the first season of the show was released on 31st December 2021 the makers haven’t made any official announcement since then regarding a follow-up for this series. 

The author of the show Harlan Coben has also not worked on any second season for the Netflix show. If we refer to all the previous works of the author Harlan Coben then he has given some successful series to Netflix such as the one which was released in the year 2018 and the stranger which was released in the year 2020.

And we still hope that Netflix is going to bring some good news for us as Harlan had already signed a five-year deal with Netflix to be providing the entire novel series of his as Netflix original production. And that means he is going to have a lot of series back on Netflix and this time with even more great stories. So do not forget to keep checking our column as we will keep you updated once any information is shared with us. 

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Stay Close Season 2 Plot

If we look at the end of the first season all the fans have discovered that Lauren was the only person behind all the murders that happened in the show. She was committed to murdering one man every year as she herself was trapped in a very abusive relationship. The first person she murders was Stewart Green who was a lot obsessed with Cassie in the show also the pseudonym of Megan.

Stay Close Season 2
Stay Close Season 2

Lorraine took Megan into the forest to see Stewart’s body as she thought it would set her free. However, Megan got a lot of shock after seeing the body, and then she ran away from there. Later on, when Ray found Stewarts’ body he disposed of the body in order to protect Megan from any further chaos.

In the end, we saw why Carlton’s body was never found till the end. As Dave had found him unknowingly and in the meanwhile, Carlton was at the back of the car when Dave pushed the car into the lake. Later on, Lorraine took the fall for Carlton’s death as she was already going to prison anyway.

She decided to protect the girls however Megan found out what Dave did and now we all wonder how this is going to turn out. If there is a second season we are expecting to see some new murders and also it would be thrilling to see what Megan does next.

Stay Close Season 2 Cast

As much as we are expecting, if there is a second season for the show then all the characters who are not dead yet would be back to continue the story where it has been left. However, until and unless an official announcement has been made by the makers, we won’t be able to confirm it.

Here are a few of the characters who might be back from the first season such as Ray( by Richard Armitage), Kayleigh( by  Bethany Antonia), Megan, Lorraine and a lot more other than these characters we might see some new faces as well in the show. 

Stay Close Season 2 Trailer

As of now, no official trailer has been made by the makers of the show. Until and unless any announcement is made by the makers for the release of the show then the trailer for the second season won’t be out. So do not forget to watch the first season and share your views down in the comments below and stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite characters and favorite shows.

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