Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location

Spider-Man: Miles Morales in an exciting new Marvel game that has taken over the PlayStation world ever since its release. Generally speaking, the game is quite fun and easy, but it can get a bit tricky once you get to the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location mission. However, you can avoid all the trouble and hassle by simply reading through the detailed guide given below. It contains all the information that you need to breeze through Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location mission to make quick progress. 

Finding the Sound Samples is one of your major tasks in the game that allows you to unlock the Back to The Beginning quest to unlock a trendy and chic Purple Reign Suit for Miles. 

To complete this mission, you need to find the sound samples’ location, shown as green waveforms left behind by Aaron Davis. Although you can see their location on the map, you must find out what exactly is producing them to collect them. 

The basic mechanism to solving this quest is to go to the map locations and thoroughly search the area. Then, locate the item producing the sound of the same volume and tempo as that of the original waveform hologram. Record this sound to capture it. 

As this is the side mission, you must keep it in mind that you can only access this mission once you have completed the main story mission; Breaking through the noise. Once it is over, the sound samples show up on the main map along with an icon (a Prowler’s picture).

During the Breaking through the noise mission, you will be required to find a separate sound sample. Once you complete it, another eight will become available.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location

The Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location is found in the following location:

• Breaking through the Noise mission

The sound sample in the Spiderman: Miles Morales is found in the following location: 

Hell’s Kitchen 

This sound sample is the tutorial sample, and you must complete it to unlock the other samples. For this sample, Aaron Davis will guide you. You will need to look for a red buoy on the bay. It is behind the northern side of the large shipping container. The aim is to listen to the sound and press the record button. 

There is eight more Sound Sample Location found in the game. Their locations are

1) Harlem Sound Sample

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location

Go to the west of the West Harlem train tracks. Here, you will find a diagonal main street. The sound will be coming from the trains located in this area. You will need to be a little patient to record this sound sample as the trains constantly arrive and depart. Just keep your microphone aimed at the tracks until you record an oncoming train’s sound.

2) Upper West Sound Sample

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location

This sample is located near the edge of central park. You can find this sound sample next to a firehouse in a large alley. You can locate the firehouse by finding the area where lots of firefighters have gathered. 

The source of the sound sample will be one of the fire trucks. However, you will have to check all the fire trucks to figure out the source. 

The fire truck will be located inside the garage which has open doors. 

3) Central Park Sound Sample

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location

In the southern area of Central Park, there is a frozen lake below the bridge. Your next sound sample will be located here.

The sound will be produced by a group of pigeons that gather around a specific bridge area. However, you will have to proceed with caution as the birds tend to get frightened and disperse if you get too close. 

We recommend using your camouflage for recording this sound sample to record the pigeons without removing your cover. 

4) Upper East Side Sound Sample

Go to the courtyard that is full of Christmas decorations. Upon reaching, you will see lots of high rise buildings. 

To find the sound sample, go up to the rooftops and locate a water tower that is continuously dripping water onto the roof below it. The sound is being created due to this water tower. Go close to it and record the sound of dripping water. 

5) Midtown Sound Sample

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location

To find this sound sample, go to Times Square. Once you are there, locate the area where the major roads meet in the district’s centre. You will see a small recruiting booth in the southern area of Times Square. 

Go to the booth and look for the vibrant neon American flag. The humming of lights is the source of the sound. Now you must record it to capture it.

6) Greenwich Sound Sample

In the North-eastern side of Greenwich Park, there is a large Y intersection. Near the intersection, there is the Trinity church. The sound is coming from its bells. Stand on the highest point of the subway stairs, direct your gaze upwards to locate the bells and record the sound. 

7) Chinatown Sound Sample

Go to the South-eastern side of the district close to an open plaza. Here, you will see blowing small wooden wind chimes present below the red Chinese Archway. There will also be a stairway behind it which is a distinguishing feature. Record the sound produced by the chimes to capture the 6th sound sample. 

8) Financial District Sound Sample

Go to the district next to the waterfront. Along its southern tip, you will be able to hear the sound of distant ferries passing by the river. Record this sound.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sound Sample Location Rewards:

You will gain 100 XP, 5 activity tokens per sound sample and unlock the Back to the Beginning mission. Complete the mission to unlock a spectacular purple reign suit for Miles.


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