Space Jam 3- Will it ever Release?

After a long wait of 25 years, Space Jam 2, aka Space Jam: A New Legacy, was released. And it has managed to be a box office hit, earning a whopping amount of $32 million in only its opening weekend. Hence, it is no surprise that viewers are already looking forward to Space Jam 3. 

Hopefully, looking at how much progress the filmmaking industry has made overall in the past 25 years. We will not have to wait as long as part 2 to get a glimpse of the third part (which will be equally if not more interesting and exciting). Moreover, to determine whether Space Jam 3 has been greenlit and if any cast members have been decided, continue reading.

Space Jam 3 Renewal and Release Date

Currently, Warner Bros has said no word on a Space Jam 3. And Space Jam 2 ended on a good note with no strings left untied. But then that was true about the first part of Space Jam, and look where we are after 25 years. 

Moreover, a movie’s sequel mainly depends on its success and demand. And luckily for Space Jam 3, it has both. Space Jam 2 is a huge hit in the Box Office even though it is available for free to watch on HBO Max.

So, if everything goes well and Space Jam 2 continues to be a hit and earn a lot of money, we will hear in some while an official announcement regarding the renewal of Space Jam for a third party. But, keep in mind that this renewal news won’t be announced very soon (probably after a couple of years). The movie will soon be released after that.

Space Jam 3


Space Jam is a combination of sports legacies and historical franchises such as Looney Tunes. And this is why it’s no surprise both part 1 and part 2 were a success.

We think in part 3, Warner Bros might take a different take on the plot and introduce new sports such as tennis and wrestling. Furthermore, since Space Jam 3 hasn’t been renewed yet, we don’t know much about the actual plot and can only make guesses. But, as soon as any official news regarding the details of the story for part 3 is announced, we will be sure to update this area.

Space Jam 3 Cast

The first part of Space Jam featured Michael Jordan and the second part featured LeBron James. Both of these cast members are famous NBA players and brought a huge fan following for the franchise.

This time, according to us, Space Jam 3 will feature a female athlete who is both a legend in her sport and loved by all to add a twist to the series. And to also keep them up to date. If not a female all-star athlete, the producing team might go for Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, as the director of the series has expressed his interest in casting him. He stated to entertainment weekly in an interview, “Dwayne Johnson would be an interesting choice. It would be different. I’m not exactly sure what his skill set would be. Maybe he goes back to wrestling. That might be interesting.”

In the end, all of these are just guesses, and we will have to wait for who Warner Bros and team actually hire for the Space Jam 3. As soon as the cast members are officially decided, we will update this section.


There is no trailer for Space Jam 3 as its filming hasn’t even begun yet. However, as soon as a trailer for part 3 drops, we will update this space. For now, you can watch Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer. And the movie has recently been released and features LeBron James.


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