Single Drunk Female: Your First Look at Freeform’s New Series Single Drunk Female

Welcome back fam! Today we are here to know about this all-new comedy series by Freeform and what is it about? Freeform is going to premiere a brand new comedy series show in 2022. This series is going to star Sofia Black-D’Elia. 

The storyline is based on a drunk girl who follows 20-something alcoholic Samantha as she was under sobriety for her drinking habits. She has been trying to maintain her sobriety and also most likely avoid going to jail as she had created a timeout at a media company in New York.

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As a result, Samantha had to go back to her intolerable mother, Carol in Boston. Over there she got herself a job at the grocery store and took a step to restart her life. However, we will see if this goes well for her or not.

While her stay in Boston, Samantha usually got triggered and had a strong urge to drink once again. She had this urge while she remembered some situation of her old life when she met her old best friend.

As both of them are not friends anymore Samantha found out that her best friend has been dating Samantha’s ex. And with all such drama in Samantha’s life, she is learning how to move on and how to accept herself and be the best at it.

However, the main question here is if she will be able to do so? And to know all this we will have to wait for the show to be premiered at the end of this month on Freeform. Make sure to watch the series to know more about what happened to Samantha.

Single Drunk Female: Trailer on the premiere!

Once you watch the trailer I am sure you will be more than willing to add this series to your must-watch list just like I have done.  This new series Single Drunk Female will be premiered on 20th January and we can’t wait for it.

In the trailer we will see that Samanta will be attending her AA meeting and was asked What brought her there to that she replies Public intoxication, almost blinding her colleague, destruction of private property, and for  being awesome 

Single Drunk Female
Single Drunk Female

Later on, in the trailer, we saw Samantha was getting in her mom’s car with her mom and said “Hello, Smother. Carol not being impressed by her daughter’s attitude asked her if Samantha always talk about her mother wherever she used to go.

To that Samantha replies sarcastically that yes mom, everything is about you and it’s just about you. And from this, we know how much drama must be involved in the show and we just can’t wait to watch it,

Who Are in the Cast of Single Drunk Female?

Other than such an amazing trailer we are more likely to see all these in the show and that includes Sofia Black-D’Elia, Rebecca Henderson, Ally Sheedy,  Lily Mae Harrington, Sasha Compère, and Garrick Bernard.

This series is based on 20th Television and the writer and creator of the show are Simone Finch. He is also the executive producer of the show along with Jenni Konner, Phil Traill, Daisy Gardner, Leslye Headland, and  Nora Silver. W

Ith such an amazing cast and storyline I am so excited to watch the series and I am sure you are too!. Till then stay tuned with us for such amazing updates about your favorite show and all your favorite characters.

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