Shockblade Shen Skin Splash Art: Price, Release Date, and How to Get It

Shockblade Shen, Qiyana, and Kassadin are the three new skins coming to the cosmetic lineside very soon! Inarguably Shockblade is not one of the popular skin lines in Leagues of Legends.

The last updated skins were released back in 2012 but due to some unknown reasons, Riot has decided to step up the game for Shockblade. The reveal pictures are out as well and they have the gaming community in a chokehold due to their impeccable features. 

Each champion will get to stand alone in their own splash arts. And the similarities between Mortal Kombat’s Raiden could easily be spotted. It hasn’t been that long since the release of Renata Glasc! Yet we are getting the new skins so soon. Which feels like a miracle. But which champions will qualify for the Shockblade Shen Skin? You’ll read about it below!

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A total of three champions will be lucky enough to get the skins. They are:

  • Shen
  • Qiyana
  • Kassadin

We have got another piece of good news too! Shockblade skins aren’t the only ones that are coming to LoL. It has been reported that Firelight Ekko is coming to LoL Patch 12.04 as well! Obviously, the news spread far and wide quickly because this skin has been delayed for a very long time.

This version will be much better than the last one and will also fall in the category of 1,350 RP. They will get shipped along with the Shockblade Skins. 


Both Kassadin and Qiyana have been without the updated skins for quite some time now. So, new skins for them were inevitable. Hopefully, other champions will also get newer and updated skins in the future. Which will most likely be somewhere in 2023. 

Release Date

The new Shockblade Shen Skin will be released on League of Legends Patch 12.04! However, there is no set release date for the skin yet. It will first be scrutinized by the community in the PBE server. Then it will make its way to the live reveal. 

And if we look at the past schedule. The skins usually land in the shops a day or two later than the day the original patch drops. 


The latest Shockblade Shen Skin will cost you around 1350 RP! 

Tutorial for getting Shockblade Shen Skin Splash Art 

The best way to get Shockblade Shen Skin is by first acquiring it through 1,350 RP once it releases officially. The most feasible way to get it is through the shop but you can try your luck through the Loot Tab. You might get the skin from there shared via a capsule. However, this way is not guaranteed to always work.

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