Severance’ Where And When Is It Releasing? What Is It About?

Severance is a new thriller show that is ready to entertain viewers from 18, February 2022 on Apple TV+. Severance is a sci-fi workplace thriller that revolves around a corporation where the work and non-work memories of the employees are separate from one another. 

Severance: Plot 

The main theme of Severance revolves around the work-life balance of the employees who work at Lumon Industries. With the help of surgery, the memories of work and personal lives are separated. What makes Severance interesting is the fact that the employees are never aware when they are in the middle of the memory of these lives.

In the series, Mark, an employee, begins to realize the impact of this process on the employees of Lumon Industries and further, tries to dig deeper to know the type of work that the mystery corporation engages in.

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Severance: Cast 

Severance stars Adam Scott who will play the role of Mark. Adam Scott was previously seen in Parks, Recreation, and The Good Place where he earned his fame for his comedy role.

He was also a part of Big Little Lies, an HBO Drama. In addition to that, Britt Lower who has previously worked in Man Seeking Woman and Unforgettable will be seen playing the role of Helly. Other casts of Severance include Christopher Walker, John Turturro, and Patricia Arquette. Nine episodes of Severance were directed by Ben Stiller. Severance is created by Dan Erickson. 

Severance: Trailer 

The trailer of Severance is out and the viewers can see Mark introducing himself and confirming that he has given consent to undergo the process of Severance separating his personal and professional memories and he further by saying that he has made the statements freely.

Later, he encounters a work friend and he introduces himself as Mark’s friend. He further insists that the work of the Corporation that he works on is very mysterious and one could see Mark wondering what exactly he is working for in the office. 


Severance: Release Date

Severance will be available on February 18 and the viewers can stream it on Apple TV+. The viewers will be able to binge-watch the first two episodes of Severance as they will be available at once. After that, weekly episodes of Severance will be released till April. The first season of Severance features nine episodes in total. 

Severance: Episodes 

Severance has nine episodes. The first episode titled Good News About Hell will be released on February 18, 2022. Half Loop, the second episode will also be simultaneously available on February 18, 2022. On February 25, 2022, the third episode titled In Perpetuity will be released.

The fourth and fifth episodes titled The Grim Barbarity Of Optics and Design and Hide and Seek respectively will be released on March 11, 2022, and March 11, 2022, respectively. The seventh episode will be released on March 25, 2022, and is titled Defiant Zazz.

What’s for Dinner is the eighth episode that will be released on April 1, 2022. Finally, the last episode named The We We Are which is directed by Ben Stiller and written by Dan Erickson will be released on April 8, 2022. 

Severance: Filming

The filming of Severance began in New York in October 2022. In February 2021, a few scenes of the show were filmed in Nyack. Later, in March 2021, a shooting took place in Kingston and Beacon. Later, the filming moved to New Jersey in April 2021.

The final scenes of the movie were shot on June 23, 2021. Severance is produced by Patricia Arquette and Adam Scott and the production companies are Endeavor Content and Red Hour Production and the original network of Severance is Apple TV+. The genre of Severance is a thriller. 

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