Samsung Galaxy S10 to face release of Android 10 beta version

The development in the digital world is not necessarily confined to gadget upgrades. Software upgrades are equally crucial in ensuring the efficient working of a gadget. Ever since the advent of Android, there have been a series of android versions released.

Amongst these, the first one was named Cupcake 1.5, which was followed by countless other versions such as an ice cream sandwich, lollipop, Kit Kat. Now with 2020 just around the corner, a new Android version, commonly referred to as Android 10, is up for release.

With this, various companies are now releasing the new Android 10 version for their cellphones. Amongst them, Samsung has also released the Android 10 beta version for its Galaxy S10 series.

Beta Android version released for Samsung Galaxy S10

Reports are now circulating on the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 Beta version. Up till now, three countries have faced the updates on Android 10 Beta program that is Germany, South Korea, and the US. For other countries such as India, Poland, France, Spain, and the UK, it is just the third upgrade so far.

The very first users to facilitate with the upgrade are German users. However, the update will reportedly be available for other countries soon enough.  The new released is now called the “G97XXU3ZSK9” and comes with a verity of bug fixes.

In light of the bug fixes this version comes packed with, this probably might be the last of the versions released by the company. Additionally, Samsung has also announced that it might shut down the Android aw10 program for South Korean users so it is likely that the Galaxy S10 users face an update before the end of the year.  

The users can quite easily look for updates by heading over to setting and from there by going into the Software Updates option. As for Galaxy Note 10 users, the new Android 10 stable update will most likely appear this year.

What bug are fixes available?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 had quite a surprising number of bugs present within itself, marring the perfection of the device. The new Android 10 Beta release has, however, looked into the matter thoroughly. The bugs that have faced fixes in the latest Android update are as follows:

  1. Screen flickering has stopped.
  2. The keyboard is now complete and can get resized
  3. Screenshots appear of intended items rather than of recent windows
  4. There is no abnormal noise while connecting to the Bluetooth
  5. The gesture interactions have faced an improvement
  6. The display of the phone can be customized as per likes, and apps remain where they were placed instead of disappearing
  7. The issues with the status bar are solved.

With these issues solved, Samsung Galaxy S10 is a premium smartphone that comes with robust features for its users. It sports a dynamic AMOLED screen display along with fast charging support.

In terms of camera, the phone features a triple camera setup, which snaps high-quality pictures. Additionally, the phone also comes with an In-display fingerprint sensor, storage of up to 1.5TB, and 12GB of RAM. As a sum up, it is an applaudable device.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to business but the passion keeps him in this field.

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