Ruth Wilson on His Dark Materials’ Final Season: ‘I Was Ready to Leave’ – Exclusive

Welcome back Fam!  If let’s talk about some amazing casting for these recent years and discuss more it.  And if we are discussing the perfect casting over all these years then we have the best-chosen list for you!

We have a list of all these amazing characters such as Marisa Coulter in the BBC’s adaptation of His Dark Materials which is referenced from the book by Philip Pullman. This character has every but of emotion, we look for in a character Marissa Coulter has it all. 

The character in the book is a difficult character without any doubt and was quite a difficult task for anyone out there to play it. If we talk about Marissa she was a deadly combination of powerful manipulative and Ice cold characters.

She had a lot of mysterious past along with very little humanity left in her. If we look into the first two seasons of the TV show we can see that she had played her role perfectly. She was acted by Ruth Wilson.

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Ruth Wilson had gone through a turmoil of characters while playing Marissa and even till now she has a complete hold of it. 

After the first two Seasons being a super hit the shooting for the third and the final season is still under construction. So get ready to know some interesting spoilers about this amazing upcoming season.

In a recent interview, Wilson shared some facts about the Empire and what is yet to come for all the people who haven’t read the book yet. Here is what you should know about the upcoming season. 

Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson

All About the Ruth Willson Leaving the Show and Other Updates

Wilson had explained why she was not that upset about letting her character go. She said that she was already ready to leave and also agreed that she loves to create new things. She even added that she is not that good at holding on to anything.

She is very iconic and also a brilliant character. And all the ups and downs for the recent Seasons where she was being in the character and was a Goodie.  But now she had to change the entire character into something else and how could she manage with that? It was fine to let go of character from being a fine one to being a baddie.

The season of The Empire will be a continuation of the previous series where the story was left. This third part of the series will be based on Pullman’s trilogy and also will take fans into a whole different story of the Amber Spyglass. 

This story especially had added a specifically higher scope of the entire show and also had a mind-blowing reality to showcase to the audience what is actually going on in the story.

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He’s going to also depict a lot of faces of all the characters present in the show as of now we know that’s for Wilson it might be the last time playing this character and will definitely show that she would become the main character of fear for the entire generation of kids.

Without any doubt, this season is going to come back with a very amazing side of the story. And we are sure that you will enjoy it to the fullest. Till any further updates stay tuned with us and we will keep you updated with all the details.


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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