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When Is Good Omens Season 2’s Release Date [Complete Info]

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing this movie which is going to be with us after 30 years.

Yes! that’s right we are talking about Good Omen and almost after 30 years we have, we will watch Neil Gaiman and  Terry Pratchett back in a TV series. We do not have to wait any longer for the second season. 

The second season of Good Omens which is definitely planning on taking the entire TV show beyond our expectations has been finally confirmed. This show would be released on Amazon Prime video and is going to reunite the famous stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen on screen.

Tennant (Des, Doctor Who) and Sheen (Quiz, Staged) are going to be back in their role as Demon Crowley, and Angel Aziraphale after their immense success in 2019. 

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The executive producer of the show Neil Gaiman is going to be running the show along with the executive producer Douglas Mackinnon. Let’s dive in and see what we have in the pockets for you regarding this amazing show. 

Plot: Good Omens Season 2

The story of the second season of the show will explore a lot of variance in this plotline. This part of the story might go behind beyond the actual source material to show the friendship amongAziraphale, the book dealer, a fussy angel along with the fast living Damon Crowley.

Aziraphale and Crowley being together since the start of the earth till the Apocalypse have seen everything.

In this story, they are trying to settle in perfectly in this human atmosphere and stay among all the humans in London’s Soho. When trying to adjust they receive an unexpected messenger and had provided them with a surprise mystery. 

Cast: Good Omens season 2

As of now, it is confirmed that Michael Sheen and David Tennant both will be back once again as the leads of the show.  In a recent interview, Michael Sheen cracked a joke on the plotting of the cast saying, he is completely against this but the world won’t be saving itself on its own.

And if he and David can manage to handle the situation then they also have a chance of finishing it. To this David Tennant said that the return of the show is good news for him and as he gets to work with Michael once again and also, and I get to say all wonderful words of Neil once again.

Good Omens Season 2
Good Omens Season 2

He further continues saying it is a bit less good for the universe as it almost means some new existence threat is still present out there and they have to deal with it. 

Along with the above-mentioned characters,  some other characters are also going to return which includes Michael McKean and Miranda Richardson. Other than them Paul Adeyefa, Reece Shearsmith, Gloria Obianyo, Nina Sosanya, and Maggie Service are going to be back as well for the show.

Neil Gaiman also added in this context that in this season the show is going to have a lot of new adventures along with a lot of Old Friends gathering once again to solve extremely mysterious mysteries.

They will also encounter some kind of new human, demons, and Angels. He further added that they are lucky that in the first season they had so many outstanding actors for the show.

So he further took the pleasure to invite the entire cast of the first season back and also give them the similar roles they had all this already played and also some new roles have been written for them.

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Story: Good Omens

The story of the show is based on their original novel whose name is also Good Omens. The full title of the book is  Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter. In 1990 this book was written by Pratchett and Gaiman.

Later on, in the year 2015 Pratchett died of Alzheimer’s when he was 66years old. After Pratchett’s death, Gaiman shared that it was the last wish of Pratchett to make this book into a TV series.

Pratchett in his last days had written a letter to Gaiman expressing his last wish. HEe had written in that letter that Gaiman is the only one out there who would understand the passion and love he had for this book.

He further added that he knew Gaiman was busy and he just wanted to see this book turn into a TV show and he asked him if he would do that for him. 

While at the release of the 1st season Wilkins shared with BT TV that shooting this movie was a big emotional challenge for them as they wanted Tery to see this movie being made.

He further said that we started making this movie and now we have to complete it. He also said that being aware that he had to take this path was a horrible idea but he had tried to channel every bit of him everywhere. 

Release Date: Good Omens Season 2

As far are we know the second season for the show has already started filing in Scotland. After a few episodes have been shot the second season is most probably going to be released within the year 2022.

To that Douglas Mackinnon added Taking the second season of Good Omens to his home country Scottland is a huge thing for him and it’s like a dream come true.

Along with David Tennant and Michael Sheen going to return as Crowley and Aziraphalethey is a very big thing for him. They are very much excited to be shooting this series once again.

So till then stay tuned with us we’re all such amazing updates about your favorite show and favorite character.

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