What is Ralph Pittman Net Worth?

In The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13, Drew Sidora gives the viewers a glimpse of the show. First, the viewers saw her home life with Ralph Pittman, her husband. Then, it made the fans curious about Ralph Pittman net worth. The married couple has been together for six years and has three children, including Josiah, Drew’s eldest son from her previous marriage. 

In the latest seasons, the co-stars were seen questioning Drew’s business. The question then left the fans wondering what Ralph Pittman net worth is and what he does for a living. If you are interested to know about Ralph Pittman net worth and more, keep reading!

Ralph Pittman Net Worth

According to sources, Ralph Pittman net worth is nearly $2 million. His net worth comes from his several jobs. Not only does his current job serve his net worth, but also, his previous job contributed a lot to increase his net worth. Are you now curious to know what he does for a living? Let’s jump in to learn more about his profession. 

What is Ralph Pittman Net Worth
What is Ralph Pittman Net Worth

What Does Ralph Pittman Do?

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According to Ralph Pittman’s Instagram bio and website, he has multiple professions. He works as a 

  • Business strategist 
  • Author 
  • Speaker 
  • Musician 
  • Entrepreneur 

He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Business Economics. He played football during high school. During his high school days, he also pursued musical theory coursework. 

For the first 15 years of his career, he worked for many Fortune 500 companies. It highly contributed to Ralph Pittman net worth. After that, he decided to pursue his music career professionally. Between his music projects, he composed several pieces of music. In 2021, he launched My Mind Music for Kids to help improve children’s sleep quality. 

Is There A Connection Between Ralph Pittman’s Net Worth And RHOA?

Drew is often seen in RHOA. However, according to reports, Ralph Pittman’s Net Worth has nothing to do with the series. Reports state that the series does not pay the husbands for their screen time. Even though Ralph might not earn money from his appearance in the show, he did manage to make a good fan following base. 

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Controversy Surrounding Ralph Pittman 

At the beginning of RHOA Season 14, Ralph and Drew give each other the cold shoulder after Drew finds a text in Ralph’s phone from his assistant offering him a body massage. Drew did not like the message that Ralph sent back. She thought he was being insensitive. Ralph, in response, laughed off the situation. 

Controversy Surrounding Ralph Pittman 
Controversy Surrounding Ralph Pittman

However, this did not go well with many co-stars, including Kenya Moore. She, in fact, in one scene, went ahead to accuse Ralph of behaving precisely like Marc Daly, her husband. She further commented that Ralph is very disrespectful. 

Drew Sidora And Ralph Pittman Are Getting Divorced

Recently, Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora made it to the news because of their divorce filing. Drew filed for divorce from Ralph in February. The reason for the divorce stated irrevocable differences. According to many sources, the actual reason behind the divorce is the multiple affairs of Ralph. He was engaged in adultery even after she objected to it. Furthermore, Drew stated that her husband physically assaulted her and took her phone away. 

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After filing for the divorce, she added that she could no longer take his disrespect and mental abuse. Ralph is interested in joint physical and legal custody of their children. Due to the divorce news, Ralph Pittman net worth has also come into the picture. However, Ralph is not interested in paying spousal support considering the fact that Drew is earning good money from her reality show. He further stated that Drew never made any significant financial contribution to their household. 

Even though the couple’s divorce news is surprising for many, not all the fans are surprised after how their marriage unfolded in the series.

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